The Sheraton Hotel, Fota Island

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midsummer2010 Posts: 5
hi girls! bit of a newby here but been an observer for a while! - have booked our wedding in the Sheraton in Fota cork for 2010... just wondering if anyone else has & if anyone managed to negotiate any good deals???..
secret bride Posts: 105
cranberry Posts: 75
Hi, We are thinking of booking our wedding there for next August, they are giving us a discount if we book the wedding on a Monday, it is not advertised but I e-mailed and asked!! we havent booked it at the moment, what is your thoughts on the hotel?
Bobbybear Posts: 55
Had my wedding there just a couple of weeks ago but honestly not much negociation.....corkage..... Ended up getting all my family and friends to book rooms online through a separate web site as prices were way more competitive. Otherwise found they looked after us so well. Attention to deail outstanding. No sloppy service, tables set up imaculately....etc...
MrsW2010 Posts: 348
Hey Midsummer2010, I've booked the Sheraton Fota for April 2010 and I can't wait, my cousin was there recently for a wedding and he said the level of service was outstanding. I would try and negotiate for as much as possible, the corkage, the room prices, the gym before the wedding, the choice for the meal. The advise I got was to try to negotiate things not related to the main menu price, but to try to get more things included in the package. Have you signed your conract yet?
midsummer2010 Posts: 5
Hi cutekitten.... we have booked it for june 2010... really like the hotel & have found them very helpful so far, agree that there is not much room for negotiation but felt it was the right venue for us! what do you think about the name change & no longer being a Sheraton hotel?
MrsW2010 Posts: 348
It is a lovely hotel and I adore the room, my photographer said at night with all the spotlights on the room is fab. I'm not worried at all about the name change at all. The word on the street is that you have to pay the Sheraton group to use their name and he chose to stop doing that. I'd say they're doin so well that they are able to go ahead on thier own.