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perfidia Posts: 222
Did the Paul Street one too. Found the course itself to be terrible, but the half hour's feedback on the Monday night was excellent, we were lucky to get a brilliant woman who made up for the rubbishness of the course itself! Sorry to go off topic there - in any case, it's really very short (though it might feel like a lifetime :o0 ) so that's probably your best bet.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
We are doing the one with the Anthropos Centre on the 22nd. It 2 hours with just the couple and the counillor. It probably the dearest one going though but I've heard she's grand. Thery're on Daunt Square, over O' Brien's Sandwich Bar. Google them.
MRS July 07 Posts: 65
Hi am72 i done that one aswell ya she is fine and i think i was only 1and a half hours in the end.a load of of luck with it
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks Mrs July 07 for confirming my fears - what a waste of €200 - I could buy one GINA shoe! Oh well, our course is a t 8pm, not going to arrive till 8.15pm and hope to be gone by 9.45pm! Heading to the pub then!