the sms driver

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pete10 Posts: 21
got so angry the othere day. was at the bus stop when a young girl drove by with no eyes on the road , her head down sending a text message. To me this is on a level with drink driving. She could have ran over someone just because she couldn't wait 10 minutes to send or reply to a message. I think people should turn their phones off while driving or else give the phone to a passenger. Its just madness what she was doing. >:o(
dita Posts: 960
Totally agree... seriously what is the mad need in our society that we need to reply to every text and every call immediatley...people can wait ......
black pearl Posts: 3513
i agree with you, i have texted before but not with the head down not even looking at road, freaked out i would have been had i seen this, you should have took her reg and reported her to the traffic corps? since having dd i leave the phone in my bag in the back seat so i have no access at all to it while driving :o)ll