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colabottle Posts: 317
What a shocking bunch!! Id be morto if i was one of their parents! Absolutely shocking.... i never thought id watch something worse than Geordie Shore I was wrong :eek :eek What do ye think??
ShadowHaven Posts: 146
Car crash TV. One of my guilty pleasures.
colabottle Posts: 317
Me too >:o) But god above, its kinda scary how really stupid they are (IQ wise). Who in gods name puts sheep tatoos on their 'foofs!' :o0
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I love Geordie Shore but that Valleys is complete and utter crap. It was sort of funny when they were on about getting tattoos on their foof?? But the rest was just mortifying. Geordie Shore is back in 3 weeks though!
colabottle Posts: 317
I agree with you totally. I actually think the Valley gang are trying to out do the Geordies but its not going to happen. Geordie Shore is much much better! I LOVE the add for it as well.... Alrriiiteeeee O-O Charlotte looks like shes had a few too many mice pies!! :o0
black pearl Posts: 3513
OMG where did they get these looneys from the valleys? I never thought that I could see a worse bunch of whores than geordie shore-even though I love it, but the valleys oh good lord! The one nicole doesnt like a sweatty fanny, so constantly dances around with her knickers around her knees, and then says I never got asked on a date, am hallo why would anyone bother they can see what they wud be getting the first time they meet you! They arent all thick though carly I thk he blondie one she has a law degree- I know I know imagine emplying her!As for leeroy who thks he can rap, he cant speak without moving his hands back and forth! I love watching it just so I can say-such Whores! Roll on geordie shore!
colabottle Posts: 317
Carly i would think could be clever enough, however the girl has a serious drinking problem and will be in AA (rehab) in a matter of time - mark my words! Leroy... rapper (for crying out loud... like you said BP, cant even talk without all the hand sh!t!) The gay fella is ignorent as hell.. (god im judgemental arent i!) but he is actually they all are ignorent! I dont know her name (the black haired one with the big fake boobs) did you see her mother on it weeks ago when they brough the dog home??...i rest my case Theres truth in the saying 'the apple never falls far from the tree'
Positiveya Posts: 398
Omg I thought it was hilarious, couldn't understand a thing they were saying at the start but my ears have tuned in now (speaking in a welsh accent as I type this). They love to get naked! What was the red head like the other night jumping naked on the other girl in the bedroom, I'd be like 'get the f**k off me' and she was just laughing saying that her fa*** was wet, WTF. I don't get ye saying though that Grordie Shore is better????? They are both trash tv (that I love). They're all mental and sad.
black pearl Posts: 3513
I take it back its jenna who has the law degree- the one with the boobs!
colabottle Posts: 317
Are you serious BP!!!! (Barbie law book??) Im in total shock with that... :eek