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ginger power Posts: 1632
I watch it with my jaw on the ground, honestly such whores, the whole lot of them, and that carly has major alcohol problem, shocking tv but ya gotta watch it :eek :o0
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
[quote="colabottle":1oxb1na7] Charlotte looks like shes had a few too many mice pies!! :o0[/quote:1oxb1na7] I follow her on Twitter, I feel so sorry for her she's fed up of people letting her know she's put on weight. It's mad though, they (the Geordie Shore cast) literally do nothing but go out and party. Now mind you, they're all paid PA appearances but I honestly don't know how they do it. Your man Gary was saying on Twitter the other day that he had 2 nights off after 35 days straight of going to nightclubs every night :eek I heart Geordie Shore but I just can't bring myself to watch The Valleys, it's too bad even for me and I'm obsessed with reality/car crash tv!!