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timeisflying Posts: 22
Hi, Im thinking of buying the we do planning pack because of the discounts off invitations. just wondering did anyone else buy it? thanks :wv
Looney07 Posts: 2393
Never heard of it sorry *)
frogmella Posts: 1264
Hey timeisflying - yeah I bought it and it is good!! The budget planner is really good and it is handy to have a file for all your emails and stuff - I haven't used the we-do card yet but look at all the suppliers and see if you are going to use any of them and if you are well then its definitely worth your while!!
timeisflying Posts: 22
thanks for replies sheleoin and looney07. have my invites chosen from a supplier on WOL so seems like a good idea. works out at a good discount cos invites aren't cheap. did it take long to arrive? thanks
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I got one too, I have to say its been really handy for keeping all the bits and bobs in. I got it last year, I don't think it took too long to arrive, but my memory is desperate. I've used the 'we do' card for my photographer - free enlargement of a framed photo for us and a framed photo for both sets of parents. Worth if if you'll be using any of the 'we do' suppliers. :wv
Billyjack Bride Posts: 797
Definitely woth while. we saved almost a grand with it. keep your eye out at wedding fairs too cos not all the people who accept the We Do card (discount card) are listed in the pack. so even more discounts for the eagle eyed.. (found a few little cards on tables saying We accept the we do card, or whatever) also when you are booking suppliers even if not listed on wol ask them if they take the card, explain it offers discounts of up to 25% and some will match it.