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Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
I [b:1v4jh7qc]hate hate hate [/b:1v4jh7qc]the though of doing up a wedding list. I know Ive loads of time but can anyone tell me a good/easy way of doing one up? I started one when we got engaged but it frightened me so much I put it at the back of my wedding folder :eek I did it under these headings My family His fanmily My neighbours His neighbours Our friends
Deise_Bride Posts: 17
Thats more or less the same way we did ours. We did a list whereby we compliled a list of everyone we would ask if money was no object. When we made that list we then made a more realistic list of based on our budget and what numbers we had kinda agreed on. HTH
Happy Days 4 me Posts: 13
The wedding list is a tough one and seems to grow everytime you look at it!! O:| I would break down the friends one even more into His Friends, Your Friends, Joint Friends, Just so you dont leave anyone out! I would also include a section for Your work people, His work people....just in case. I would also maybe check with your parents & his parents just in case they have any friends that they feel that they would like to invite that you havent included. I know this might seem like adding a lot to the list but its better to them on from the start rather than getting a shock when 10 more have to be added three months beforehand. Hope this helps.
buzzybride Posts: 78
I know what you mean LadyJane - I'm hoping to sit down this weekend and work through! Deise Bride - I think it is a good idea to start with "if money was no object" under the headings suggested and then go back through it - think that is how I'm going to start!! Good luck with yours Lady Jane!
nicknax Posts: 280
Yes this is scary, it just seems to keep growing. We are lucky in a way as we were neighbours growing up so we have the same people to invite and some of the neigbhours are his family so that narrows it down a bit more. What I think will be hard is deciding on people that our parents know and stuff. Mammy has said a few times about people she knows asking bout the wedding and looking forward to see this and that.( although I think some meant from seeing the photos) How do we narrow the list down but not leave anyone out?? I have the headings Family -Mine -His Friends -Mine -His - Joint Family Friends -Mine -His Think I might break it down a bit more to cover work etc, its gonna take time. Hope this little bit helps someone. :wv
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
Im getting through the list-This is the only thing about the wedding I HATE O:|
littlemisslucky Posts: 221
I just compiled a "first draft" list. The way I did it was list everyone who I couldn't not invite (i.e. aunts/uncles/close cousins/close friends/immediate family) I came to 120. That includes my H2B family and friends. I have a "reserve" list of cousins who I can't decide to invite or not. My mum added 16 friends of the family which is fine with me as I know them all well and my parents are paying for the reception. Remember the rule of thumb....only invite people you've had contact with in the last year. I reckon there'll always be an exception to this rule but its good to have in the back of your mind. Its something that makes me cringe too but just feel we can't put it off because we need to know rough numbers before looking at venues.