The wedding night

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vickyplum Posts: 118
ok so want your opinion on this girlies. on my wedding night my mum and sister are wanting to stay in the place me and h2b are staying. the thing is, we're christians and it'll be mine and h2bs first night together and i don't feel particularyly comfortable with my parents and sis staying at the place or any of our family for that matter. It's not like its the ritz and we aren't having an evening do so they will have plenty of time to travel home. we have said that we would prefer they wouldnt stay, my dads fine with it and so are his folks, but my mum and sis seem quite insistent, and she is paying for the reception. wat you think?
gerbil Posts: 3528
if this is your first night together you are absolutely right to insist on privacy. Nothing should make either of you feel uncomfortable. Maybe have a look and see if there is a nice place to stay nearby? and then tell you mam and sis that you are booking them in there, if they really want to stay? might be worth a try ! but stick to your guns and don't let them dictate. IMO paying for the reception does entitled them to a certain amount of respect and input into details etc but not to that extent!