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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
...did you stay close to home? I'm due sometime(!) this week and feel grand and have been carrying on pretty much as normal (ie going out on my own for walks and shopping etc). But we have a family occasion this weekend. Its local but as the week progresses I'm getting worried about my waters breaking at mass or in the restaurant :-8 I know the waters dont break as dramatically or suddenly as the movies would have you believe, but it still does happen.
lisa Posts: 1612
hokey cokey, cant answer your question but just wanted to say best of luck!
serenity Posts: 3675
Best of luck HC... You must be so excited... This may seem odd, but it feels to me that you have been pregnant ages...!!! It probably feels that way to you too!! Best of luck - hope it all goes well, whenver it does happenfor you!!!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
hey hokey Cokey! Im due Monday. Today and yesterday ive stayed in, im so sick of people in the shops asking when im due and did i not pop yet etc etc, they all have been told 1st Dec so thats the only reason im kind of avoiding people. I wouldn't worry about the waters breaking as it can only be a trickle so just wear a pad or panty liner out over the weekend, very best of luck and enjoy your last few days.... :thnk
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
:o0 at serenity - yep i'm beginning to feel like that too! Mrs Electric - I know what you mean about people asking when I'm due etc - it gets a bit annoying alright. This is my 5th week off work so I'm kinda ready for babs to arrive. I was going by the date given at the scan, which was the 24th, GP calculated it as the 28th and just realised recently that the consultant was using the 30th. So I feel like I'm 2 days overdue :o(
serenity Posts: 3675
Best of luck pet... Hope all goe well for you and you have your little bundle of joy sooner rather than later... xxxx
AliceB Posts: 495
Well, you will all think I was utterly mad but I travelled from where I live in Dublin (having baby in Rotunda) to my home in Kerry when I was a full week overdue!!! In my defence I had a good reason (my Granny wasn't well and it was the last time I saw her alive). My mother came up for me and was so nervous the whole drive! I brought my hospital notes with me etc and H2B only 3 hrs away if anything happened etc. I had been to my consultant a few days previously at 4 days overdue and he said he'd be shocked if he saw me again soon as baby had not even dropped at all and nothing was happening so that was another reason I told myself. I came back up on the Sunday evening and insisted I get train as didn't want to drag Mom (she dropped me to Mallow so only 2.5 hrs). I knew myself I was fine but did slightly regret it when I was on train but could not get a seat - no-one even offered. Conductor eventually found me one. Isn't that disgraceful? I was also on Luas into Rotunda a few days later for another appt and also didn't get a seat. You'd think all of this standing on public transport would get baby moving but was eventually induced two weeks overdue!
sinion Posts: 6050
I don't think you should put anything off as it's boring enough hanging around waiting! Just don't do anything too strenuous. I went 11 days over when I was convinced I'd go early and the only thing that kept me going was keeping busy wherever I could. Just make sure you're getting loads of rest too. Good luck!
Mammypig Posts: 832
hc - i have to say you should just see how you feel on the day. The day i went into labour on dd )at 37 weeks), i woke up just feeling terrible and was due to go shopping 40 mins away with my sis. she drove us over and I just couldn't force myself to go into the shop so she ran in to get a few bits. we'd only got back to her house and my waters broke and it was in no way a little trickle so would have been absolutely mortified if it had happened in the shopping centre. just don't force yourself if your not feeling up to it. could you maybe just go to either the mass or the restaurant? p.s - good luck
whackywoman Posts: 1496
I didn't stay in the house. Didn't go mad far i.e. not more than half an hours drive from home and about an hours drive from the hospital. I even went to the shops and to yoga and a few other places the day I was induced, you would go stir crazy staying at home.