The Westin Hotel

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Senorita Posts: 3413
Don't know Dublin well, so need some help (again :-8 ). Would the Westin Hotel be a good location for going to Vicar Street? Is it the large hotel near Bruxelles? Thanks :thnk
Anonymous Posts: 24542
The Westin is beside Trinity. It's on the road that leads up to O'Connell Bridge (Westmoreland st??) Sorry so bad with st names. Wouldn't be too bad for going to Vicar St. if you're getting a taxi, but a bit far too walk. The big hotel beside Bruxelles is the Westbury
dreamer Posts: 3941
No, that's the Westbury (near Bruxelles) The Westin is in Westmoreland Street, which isn't a million miles from Vicar Street! Its probably a 15-20 minute walk.
redsquirrel Posts: 391
No that would be The Westbury near that pub. The Westin is a nice hotel but at the other side of the liffey to Temple Bar. The Westbury is top notch.
Senorita Posts: 3413
Ah cheers ladies :-8 O-O I think I'll keep looking so. Would Camden Street be nearer to Vicar Street?
Lily K Posts: 643
Camden Street wouldn't be much better. The only hotel that I can think of that's 5 min walk from vicar street would be Jury's inn, Christchurch. HTH
snooze Posts: 47
Camden isn't closer. The hotels in Chirstchurch are the closest to Vicars Street but probably not really where you want to stay. The Westin is a short taxi ride so if you can get a good deal for there then I'd go for it. If you're there over the weekend make sure you stay for Sunday brunch. It's yummy!
Senorita Posts: 3413
Thanks girls :thnk It's only for one night - and we've settled on the Paramount Hotel, off Temple bar. Looks nice and it's a good price.