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goldfisher Posts: 439
I went home for lunch and DH was at home. His buddy rang him and his buddy is good friends with the White Witch of Cobh. She was in the car with him and she insisted she speak with him. She told him congratulations on our wedding and that he will have news in april of TWINS!!! There is no way she could have known anything and she wouldn't even have met my hubby or me before. My scan is booked for April. I haven't even told my mother and I know DH hasn't told anyone else either. Isn't that very weird.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Oh wow, you must be really excited :o)ll Do twins run in your family?
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Class!!! :o)ll :o)ll I have heard of that one! She's supposed to be very good.. you'll know after the scan anyways how good she is :eek :eek Be sure to let us know.
goldfisher Posts: 439
Yes I have twins in my family. My brother and sister are twins. My cousin on my father said had twins!!!
sinion Posts: 6050
ooooh, interesting! Bet you can't wait for your first scan now!
goldfisher Posts: 439
DH is all excited but I just prefer to think its one to get my head around that first. Its fine for him he isn't having them!!!
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
That's mad Ted! I think I'd be booking an early scan - I'd be too curious. :o)ll it is weird though. :wv
newone Posts: 1714
:eek :eek :eek White Witch of Cobh!! Wow... that is so strange.... And your DH's friend didn't know you were pregnant? Isn't it so weird!!!!
goldfisher Posts: 439
My hubby didn't tell anyone and this friend wouldn't one of his closest friends so I know he didn't say anything.
missc Posts: 875
oh wow, thats deadly. well if its true :o0 Make sure you let us all know.