There's a mouse about my house!

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cherries on top Posts: 521
Girls I'm sick, I think I've known for a while but was in denial but I've now confirmed that we have a mouse in our house! I keep my Tayto in our long press. I went to grab a packet last week and it was empty and had a small hole in it. I thought Tayto wear doing me out of a bag of crisps!! Then looking in the press last night there was droppings on my tins of beans. Also in the bathroom there was droppings on our towel press (which means the bloody thing moved from the press into our bathroom- it wasn't in the press it was actually on top of it) I just hope I don't come face to face with it. We have those plug in things but don't think they are that good. I only have one trap so I'm going out to buy some more this evening. Any recommendations on what to buy? traps or poision or both??
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
A trap is the best option really and don't use cheese as bait, use peanut butter or bacon.... you'll get him straight away. Word of advice, once you catch him make sure you set a few more traps because he might have friends!!
aston Posts: 4100
oh god cherries! They are just so awful! We had plumber in the house recently and he left the bloody front door open and in they came to us too. They are all gone now but bloody hate them :o( You kinda convince yourself that there may only be one or two but sorry hun theres probably a lot more than that! Get loads of traps. Set them everywhere. They love choc or also the rind of a rasher. We found the fat on the rasher very good! Try to find out where they got in cause if you dont get them at the source you will have them all winter! I really dont envy you. Try to relax and just think they will be all gone soon enough!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Sounds like you many have more than one COT. :o( Dont worry- they are harmless. Put out a few traps and you'll catch them.
hairdye Posts: 1129
I can totally sympathise, went through this recently, had to get the A team over (ie my two brothers as H2B was away)! (':o0') Put down loads of traps, I mean loads. Put them everywhere, in hot press, under sink, in attic, around the bin, behind the couch, in every room. The traps will defo catch them! The plug ins are great, they defo work, but they only stop new mice from getting in, so basically you have to catch whats in the hse. As my bros said "a mouse always has friends". If its any consolation I caught 4! Blaming the fact they we got new windows in. It happended 4 weeks ago and nothing since, TG Good luck!
keepitsimple Posts: 966
i saw one in my office last week - set traps and caught 8 in 3 days :eek They love chocolate, keep setting traps until there is no more and block wherever they are getting in!
Daff Posts: 11644
I've one in my kitchen, terrified!!! It's only a small kitchen, and saw it run behind the washer, under the sink - so assuming it got in the pipes there. Put the traps down anyway it could get back from under the sink, and plugged in one of those noise things. It's been two days and nothing, so I'm hoping it went back out. how long should I keep them out for? obviously i have door closed the whole time with towels under it!!! :o0 We've bits of Chomp bar in the traps, caramel bar worked the last time - do you think Chomp might be too hard for them - silly Q i know, DH thinks I'm nuts, I say it's all baby brain!
streaks Posts: 3592
We had one last year, we could hear him running around at nite! I was clinging to h2b in the bed he kept waking us up in the middle of the night! One evening I went out to the utility room to pit on a wash and he came darting out from beside the machine... Well I screamed my head off! I'd say the mouse was ready to collapse but he was too afraid to!! That nite we set a trap beside the machine and caught him! He couldn't resist a rasher rind!! We called him monty as he was our first ever mouse :o0 good luck with catching your little critters :wv
bijou Posts: 1154
Get a cat!
DipDab Posts: 1172
I had the misfortune of having mice for about 3 months so i'm a bit of an expert now :) Definately use traps, loads and loads of them. I found that chocolate works better than cheese. Also bacon works well. Only put a tiny tiny tiny piece in the trap. If you put too much they can't grab it and if they can't grab it they won't get caught. Don't leave food out anywhere. Plug up any holes around pipes or anything like that with steel wool (you can get it in any hardware shop), that will force them out of the walls and into the traps. Don't use poison! Most poisons work by dehydrating the mice so that they come out of their hiding place to look for water. The problem with that is that if they don't find it they die. You could have them dying in the walls or in all sorts of awkward places instead of in the traps!!