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polecat Posts: 345
We've one too, had a few in the past and they always seemed to love kitkats, it sticks well to the trap too!!
LoveyDovey Posts: 71
We had one upstairs last week, heard him on the floorboards Tues night so DH put down a trap Wed using small piece of rasher, checked it Wed evening and there he was - dead, we put down another trap then but nothing since so we reckon he was the only one there (hopefully), as others have said the rasher seems to be the best bait. It's the time of year for them, we caught 3 of them this time last year, can't figure out how they get in because we've checked everywhere and can't find the source.
the winner Posts: 4148
[quote="bijou":25qrsxrs]Get a cat![/quote:25qrsxrs] I have 2 cats and the feckers bring them to me as "presents" Wow thanks such a lovely gift lol.. I mean they catch 4 a week I am so happy we have cats to kill them.. Sorry COT I never had mice apart from dead ones courtesy of the cats. Not much help. :wv
selma Posts: 43
Oh yuck hate them >:o( we had them a while back and a piece of chocolate on a trap did the trick for us....
veryv Posts: 970
I dont like the idea of using traps that kill the mice, I couldn't even kill a fly! We had a mouse in our bedroom before he was so cheeky, used to come out and sit beside the bed staring up at us! Im not afraid of mice but h2b is! He ran out of the room and refused to sleep in there til it was caught!! I bought a live trap, which is a humane trap like a little cage that the mice crawl into and cant get back out. I caught him in a few hours and released him down by a local river and off he went to start his new life!! You dont have to handle the mouse or anything you just open that door on the cage and he'll run out. I couldn't bear the thought of poisoning him as the mouse/rat poison causes the mouse to die a slow, painful death by internal bleeding. Please consider the live trap, even get a friend to release him for you if you're scared of him.