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mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
hey, currently doing my thesis and would be really greatful if you could answer my survey please?! and also if anyone would be interested in taking part in a discussion to help me in the next few weeks would you pm me please!? I would probably just do it here one evening and then delete the post, just a few questions regarding online media and newspapers etc! Thanks in advance!! Hey, can you please do my survey!! This is not spam, its for my thesis!!! Thanks!!
hils138 Posts: 680
Done. Can take part in a discussion if you need me to. HTH
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Thank you sooooo much!! I'm in big trouble for it...its due on the 31st July if I wanna graduate in Nov!!! and not even half way there!! few all nighters should do it!!
belcra Posts: 1097
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Done and good luck :wv
laney11 Posts: 141
Done. Good luck
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Done (still lurking despite the spammers :-8 )
spritzer Posts: 625
Done :wv
Couchkitten Posts: 438
Done and good luck with the thesis!
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Done Best of luck with the thesis.