They dismissed my daughter

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Sposa Posts: 626
I thought this could be of interest to someone and it's beautifully written. [url:1s879ye3][/url:1s879ye3]
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Just read it and it is such a lovely lovely genuine piece
Fuchsia Posts: 91
That was such a beautifully written touching piece of writing. I hope lots of people take the time to read it Fuchsia xx
Kingston Design Posts: 895
That was beautiful.....and now it has me bawling :-8 Have been having the day from Hell but that has cheered me right up, going to print it off now and give it to my mum! [quote:247jux4y]slice her heels with a razor so they could peer at her extra chromosome through a microscope. [/quote:247jux4y] I don't really know why but it's one of those funny things that stick with you-but I remember being a outraged when they took the blood from my sister's heel for the heel prick test. She was so tiny and she had such a massive bruise on her little foot after it. I hated that, I just wanted to tell them to fe[i:247jux4y]c[/i:247jux4y]k off and stop poking and prodding at the poor little thing ;o(