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Mrs.G Posts: 1828
...was reading the post about missing the bump when it comes & got thinking about things I am looking forward to once the baby has come (apart from the obvious...just silly little things!) - Smoked salmon -Lying flat on a bed rubbling my flat (I hope!) stomach -wearing my rings again - non-preggers sex (sorry! :-8 ) :-8
coconut Posts: 2183
i second that, being about to wear my rings - eat brie and crackers - OMG poached eggsssss Plus having my babs here to talk to!!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
ok feel really stupid now but are we not supposed to eat smoked salmon??? and poached eggs??? thought it was just raw eggs we had to avoid! please help - is there any other foods I should be aware of?
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Sorry pigeonwife, but it's bad news - poached eggs are out like soft-boiled cos they're not fully cooked (same with homemade mayo). Smoked Salmon isn't cooked either (it's cured using the smoke), so that's also a no-no. In saying that, I've given in and had both at some point. Can't believe no-one has mentioned wine. My list: - brie, gorgonzola, blue cheese - prawns (without guilt) - sushi - medium-rare steak (yum) - glass of red wine
coconut Posts: 2183
no u are not meant to eat smoked salmon. i love soft poached eggs ar u not meant to have soft eggs or soft cheese! I think there is a sticky on what food u can and can't eat!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
sorry prawns???
coconut Posts: 2183
i think shell fish is a no no aswell!
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have had everything mentioned above bar mouldy cheeses. It is a personal choice, in my opinion the risk is very low, but that is IMO. I do miss sleeping on the belly though as well as 'free style' DTD :o0 and my ring.
kopbabe Posts: 453
sex without bump in the way, and actually wanting it!! wine! medium steak pavalova tuna (babs doesnt like it!)
coconut Posts: 2183
OMG - sleeping on my belly and medium i miss them aswell!!