Things I Dont Enjoy when Pregnant

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mcglick Posts: 463
And heres the oppisite... I dont enjoy: Constant tirdness :o( The sick feeling (which didnt last long thank god) Im dreading being in hosital over Christmas
Nance Posts: 161
The constant worry about every twinge ! The constant worry everytime you go to the toilet that you'll be bleeding.. Having to be in work, despite the exhaustion and just sheer lack of interest and motivation! O:| NAUSEA :( Missing my glass of vino but I can live without it for 9 months !
SaJa Posts: 4282
I don't enjoy: 1. The tirdness 2. The heartburn 3. Pregnancy acne 4. The emotional rollercoaster 5. The "fat" comments 6. Feeling a bit "alone" and "out of the loop" cause I don't go out socialising with my DH & friends any more (god I miss my social life) 7. Having a limited wardrobe of clothes That's about it :o0
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Things I don't enjoy are: - 1. Pregnancy skin, hair and nails (when does the pregnancy "glow" begin?) 2. Not being able to smoke 3. People saying "oh you won't be able to do this/that/the other thing when the baby comes along. No more holidays/nights out/life for you" >:o( 4. Being tired all the time. 5. Being irritible all the time 6. My mother asking me question after question after question (see 5 above) I know she means well but O:| 7. My legs not going to sleep (restless) when I want to!
alton Posts: 3077
I don't like... 1. Having no energy and not being able to keep up 2. The awful backaches, the three-day headaches, the cramps 3. Feeling a bit of a gulf between me and my childfree friends 4. The way some smokers light up beside you and make you feel like an obsessive health-freak when it bothers you (sorry, this one wrecks my head) 5. The way my trousers are always falling down :o0 I could go on for ages but I don't want to start obsessing about what I don't like.
only deadly Posts: 491
Def the tiredness expecially when ur in work and just want a nap and cant function at all THE FEELING OF ALL your blood been sucked out of your body The sickness feeling The feeling fat and not pregnant yet Lack of sex ( just too nervous till after 12 weeks )
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Things I don't like 1- The heartburn 2- The headaches 3 - MS - gone now thank God 4 - The lastest is Piles :o( - this one I really really don't like 5 - The overheating - am so warm at night I can't sleep and spend all day fanning myself BUT apart from all that I am delighted to be pregnant :o0
workingmom Posts: 3429
Any of it, I just don't like being pregnant.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
1. The sickness 2. The tirdness during the day 3. The insomina at night! 4. OMG the farting :o0 5. Too big for normall clothes and too small for maternity clothes 6. Looking fat and not pregnant yet The sex drive will come back girls trust me ;o) just hoping it lasts now But it'll all be sooo worth it
Hot Mama Posts: 206
I dont enjoy * Looking for clothes to wear EVERY Single day * Heartburn * "experts" you feel the need to tell you EVERYTHING you dont need to know like " oh wait till you see when babs is born, this will change, that will change " - ah feck off * Been in hospital potentially on Christmas day and not in my mammys haven dinner with my DH and family :o( * The fear of been given back the wrong baby in the hospital ( weird i know) * Not knowing what to expect in labour * Constipation - NIGHTMARE O:|