Things I enjoy when pregnant

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mcglick Posts: 463
Just thought Id start a fun new thread.....feel free to add your ideas :wv I love : people coming up to me and saying " i heard your news! congratulations!!!" Attention from hubbie Buying baby things Not feeling guilty for pulling a sickie O:o)
SaJa Posts: 4282
I love: 1. Feeling my little baby kick like mad 2. All the little things DH does for me cause he thinks I'm not able 3. DH kissing my tummy and talking to baby 4. Not having to suck in my flabby tummy any more :o)ll 5. Not drinking/going out and having more money to spend on me :o)ll 6. The anticipation of going shopping for all the baby stuff
Nance Posts: 161
I can't post anything here just yet as I am too nervous, but I hope in a few weeks time to have lots of things to add!
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
I love when 1. People say they heard our news and congratulate us. 2. All the lovely things DH is doing for me. 3. Not having to pull in my tummy anymore (not that I can get it very far in now) 4. not spending all my money on going out so have more of it. 5. the anticipation of my scans 6. the anticipation of buying stuff for babs 7. the knowing that in a few months I'll have a baby!
alton Posts: 3077
Great thread! I love... 1. Feeling the little kicks 2. When DH feels a kick even though those ones can actually hurt ;o( 3. The way my body changes from week to week 4. Silly moments when I get emotional thinking about having a baby 5. Arguing about names with DH 6. The way DH will hop in the car and drive off to satisfy my daftest cravings 7. The way DH talks to the baby every morning before he leaves for work 8. Being spoilt rotten (I'll miss that when the baby comes) 9. Learning that I have a much higher pain tolerance than I knew, that I don't need to pop painkillers for every headache/ backache/ cramp. 10. Singing to the baby when I'm driving in the car (yeah! mad!) 11. Big boobs - although the bump has kind of put them in perspective now 12. Seeing the baby dancing on the scans 13. Being good to myself (i.e. taking time to relax, making time to exercise, eating healthy foods, meditating....all the stuff I never bothered doing for myself but will do for the baby)
only deadly Posts: 491
guessing if its a boy or girl chatting about names knowing that ill eventually have a little bundle of joy
rushinbride Posts: 1097
1. I love feeling baby move 2. already loving it like I have known it for years... 3. the attention DH and DS give my bump but in particular its more innocent attention, like the odd kiss at night for his little brother or sister and knowing he has waited as long as myself and DH for this arrival!! 4. The excitement around the smallest of things...such as buying vests...they are only vests we'll be sick of seeing them in a few mths, yet right now, they are the cutest most gorgeous things on the planet... 5. The attention everyone gives - from strangers to your gp...and how everyone seems to want to offer a pregnant woman a bloody stool when she's out...but wouldn't we just love a chair!! Theres loads more - but I'd only get too soppy!!
jarashow Posts: 3083
1stly feeling the baby move and kick. The way hubbie insists on rubbing my tummy and kissing it goodnight. All the excitement from my entire family. Eating something (possibly) not so good i.e. chocolate and not worrying so much. Being able to use the phrase 'baby wants chocolate' :o0 So so many more but I can't think of them all now.....
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Oooh Oooh I forgot this one.... NO PERIODS!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I love: - getting teary, sentimental when I see documentations about women who give birth and to see their babies. (Not allowed to watch babychannel or Discovery H&H when DH is home tho, he's getting annoyed as he saw everything all over again & I can't get enough :o0) - the kicks and the reaction when I sing to her or hold the musical toy on my bump to calm her down, which usually works. - trying out which music she likes (tried a few classical tunes so far) when I put it over my headphone on the tummy. - the scans - to be able to eat as much fruit & vegs without looking after the cost factor and if I do wanna eat something unhealthy (happens rarely) I can blame it on the babs... :o0