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snowbear Posts: 2107
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
"Anything sitrring yet??" No, I have two weeks until my real due date, three until the date I told you, so why would you ask??? "Mam said you look huge and really uncomfortable" and you thought it would cheer me up to tell me. Thanks. "Is your hip any better?" No, as I've told you every day for the last week and a half, it's not going to get any better until this baby moves out. "You need to take it easier, don't be going out meeting people for lunch" Why? Is it that much more restful to stay at home and do your ironing instead???
dubbird Posts: 146
Hiya girls, "Not long now!!"......god I hate that one,especially when your 8 days over and sh*t sick of everything O:| "God,your way bigger this time round".....cheers,and I thought I looked smaller and neater! "Put your feet up and try and get as much sleep as possible" oh yeah with a mad toddler running around,like thats going to happen :o0 Best of luck girls :lvs
The Blue Sylph Posts: 397
"Oh my god you're huge! Your bump is massive! Your baby's going to be huge! You better not go over your due date..." Well thanks for that. I was feeling self conscious before you said it and now I'm depressed. Can't wait to push out my massive baby. But then how can you possible have any idea how big my baby is? You can't tell from the size of the bump you stupid woman. O:| "Are you SURE you're not having twins??" Ah just feck off will ya!!
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Have you not 'popped' yet? No I haven't 'popped' - I'm not a friggin bubble, and I think I would have let u know if I had
Doozer28 Posts: 881
'Oh you've a fine bump',......... no I don't have a bump yet thanks!!!! Thats just me!! It's called weight gain!! I think the next person who says it to me I'll respond, 'oh so do you!!' What I don't understand is that one person tells me oh you're not showing yet & then the next person tells me I have a fine bump! & I'm still in the early days, I'd hate to think what it's going to be like.
Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
Background Story I was sick 24/7 from week six at 15 weeks coombe consultant prescribed me tablets for sickness as I lost a stone and have rarely been out of bed they have been miraculous I now get up and can eat!!! "Ohh are they safe now?? No the consultant gave me them on a chance they might be safe!!! Oh your sick sure it's only in the morning for the first few weeks!!! O:| O:| Ah Ye I was the same - when they clearly weren't Ah if it's not gone now it's not going to go!!! Enjoy all that time being sick in bed you won't get a chance to do that again!!! GOOD I never want to have to spend that much time in bed again!!! I thought I was showing a bit since 12weeks apparently I was imagining it same people now saying oh your very small for 16weeks!!! O:| O:| EVERYBODY has an opinion I'm also getting married in 19days that stress nd hormones don't mix well >:o)
gottabfp Posts: 5641
Try green tea Try raspberry tea Try a hot bath Curry Hoovering Sex drink a pint of water of the head Bounce on your ball O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:|
Lily K Posts: 643
I'm really chuckling away to myself here. I had my baba last week but before that I think I heard most of these mentioned above. One that really cracked me up though was "God you're still really high" and the next person "God you've really dropped" :o0 :o0 Absolutely no consistency! I just nodded, smiled and agreed with whatever was said! Another one was "GAWD... You're soooo much bigger than last time" - I wasn't! and as proof my 2nd DD weighed in at 8lb - a full 5oz lighter than her sister :o0 :o0 :o0
LadyLayla Posts: 350
How about 'God you're so neat', 'You're barely showing', 'You'd almost think you weren't pregnant at all' Not what I want to hear when I'm already stressing that I'm not putting on weight! O:|