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Upwardsandonwards Posts: 321
I have a few wedding horror stories and know others must have to so please share so i can do all in my power to avoid my wedding becoming a horror story! Might have some laughs on the way too! Titled edited in order to try avoid misunderstandings. This is not specifically venue related but a general thread about anything you would have done differently or things that went wrong at other weddings etc. Maybe some things are funny maybe they're not but i know that a lot of us get caught up in planning the perfect day and go off the beaten track sometimes so its more any helpful points or experiences, thank you!!!
superpower Posts: 367
Oooh that could be dangerous! People could work it out as Ireland is a small place. And also you could really scare people off about their venue- Ive already read your comments about the Ferrycarrig and it's kinda upsetting as that's where Im getting married! I know that at the end of the day people will have their own opinions on hotels and you will get completely different viewpoints on the same place and even on the same wedding! Anyway I was delighted with the hotel and fingers crossed it will deliver on the day! Anyway I just wouldnt be comfortable putting down someone elses wedding, especially on an all access forum! sorry to sound like a killjoy! :-8 Now Im all for an amusing story dont get me wrong but would be wary of putting people into a panic if they've already booked their venue! Anyway that's just my tuppence worth! :cool
Upwardsandonwards Posts: 321
Sorry i think you misunderstood the point of my post, its not to run down any venue its more to get pointers on where i could go astray in any part of the planning as my head is already melted for planning and i haven't even booked a venue. I'm sorry my comments about the ferrycarraig upset you, i was just answering a query with honest feedback. As i've already pointed out my feedback is from one single day there and was a few years ago. I would imagine that it couldn't be their normal standard as they would get a poor reputation.
superpower Posts: 367
You dont need to apologise! You are perfectly entitled to your opinion! I guess there are things that can go wrong on the day and no harm bringing up a discussion. I'd just hate if a bride read someones report about her big day on here- it could easily happen! We all spend so much time/effort/money into planning the day that it would be devastating if we heard someone giving out about it (I know there will always be people who will but just as long as I dont hear from them Ill be happy!!! :o0 ) Good luck finding your venue- but just be aware that there will always be those that will slate it and those that love it so you have to make the decision based on your gut feeling! Oh and here is an exaple of people's comments- I know people who went to a fancy place and that meant their expectations were high as they knew the cost per head was high. So that led to lots giving out about the food, venue, price of drinks etc etc! And then I went to a lower budget hotel and people were more willing to say good things about it as they were happily surprised! And the food would have been similar! :duh: :o0 Have no real horror stories of weddings Ive been to- I have always had a great day even if the food isnt the best, the band arent great or theres long speeches!
Minier Posts: 244
The main thing thing I have seen go wrong are the timings. We were at a wedding last year where the bride was 40 minutes late arriving at the church and everybody was just uncomfortable and cranky by the time she arrived. It put a real damper on the whole day, and meant everything was late for the rest of the day. Another thing that can go wrong is if the speeches go on for ages - people just get bored, especially if it before the dinner. Was at a wedding a few years ago when they had speeches before dinner that went on for 50 minutes - with 200 hundred starving guest bored to tears. Ok neither example is a horror story but I would like to avoid thing like that at my own wedding.
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
I definitely would agree with timings! And also a big thing for me is no food at the drinks reception - it's a very long day and it's nice to even get a couple of sandwiches or something - doesn't have to be fancy! From my own perspective then I don't want a slow set in my band - I find it brings down the pace (depends on who's at it obviously!)...but that's me!!
Minier Posts: 244
Oh slow sets are AWFUL at weddings, completely agree. No better way to empty the dance floor.
lulu126 Posts: 1095
The worst thing for me was at my cousin's wedding a few years ago, one of my relatives' phone went off right at the beginning of the ceremony just at the point where the registrar was starting. It was just horribly awkward. I'd have been seething if on my wedding video for years to come you had to watch your big romantic moment ruined by the nokia ring tone.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
I agree about the timings,we were at a family wedding back in March.Mass was supposed to start at 1.30,the bride wasn't there till 2.10.Then the meal wasn't served till nearly 8 o clock.People were having a great time,but you could see that by the time the food came out everyone was a little worse for wear,including myself!!
Magsk Posts: 644
Timing is such a must - we were at a wedding 2 years ago local to everyone, mass time was 1.30pm bride was so late and arrived at 2.30pm eveyone had gotton there early enough so people were standing around for over an hour, priest got so pissed off that he was going to go himself, again she got to the church half of the guests had left and went straight to the reception venue, it was terrible couldnt for the life of me understand why she was late she lived 2 mins from the church!!!! O:| O:|