Thinking about getting private scan - how much?

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Daisywall Posts: 577
I'm afraid it will be very expensive and we migh just hold off until our public one at 12 weeks, but if it's not atrocious I would consider it. Thanks
Dolliewollie Posts: 163
Hi mine cost €190 in the Galway Clinic but I think I read that ones in Dublin are around 120? I think its well worth it, was great to hear the heartbeat :lvs I wouldnt have lasted till my 13 week scan!
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Mine was 120 in babyscan cork.. I loved the peace of mind of seeing the heartbeat and arms and legs moving.. I am still cautious as I'm still afraid something will go wrong, even if it's a small chance
Daisywall Posts: 577
ok thanks for that girls
peterpiper Posts: 30, based in blackrock-145euro for an early scan, we're going book in-again for peace of mind, think gona have at 11 weeks as our hospital doenst give one til 22 weeks..
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
mine will be €120 in Merrion Fetal Health holles street.
dion Posts: 986
Mine was 120e in swords baby scan, well worth it.
popcornlover Posts: 169
I went to KBM Medics in Tallaght accross from the Square...they do early scans for 80 euro. we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat and came away with a few pictures, for us it was well worth the money - I had it done at 10 weeks. :)
Daisywall Posts: 577
Hi girls, thanks so much for all the info, we'd be coming up from the south (midlands) so the tallaght one would be the nearest and also seems to be the best value, didnt realise they'd all differ so much. Thanks again for the info! Hope all your pregnancies are going great!
bombshell09 Posts: 92
its great to know about that place in tallaght, we paid double that last time and this time money is tight since i'm not working so will definitely be heading out there. thanks chummy mummy