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lillyb Posts: 2
hey girls, I am a regular poster but changed by user name for this one.... I am just wondering if anybody is in the same position as me.... I got married 5 months ago.... we were together 8 years.....very happy, love hubby.. My ex got married last week (we were together 6 years) , we had a very amicable split no problems etc... but i cant stop thinking about him or their wedding??? does this make sense????? i only starting thinking about this when i heard he got married.... Im not thinking about him in a lovely dovey way.... just thinking ??? is this normal??? its starting to worry me a bit now :o( Thanks L
gottabfp Posts: 5641
of course its normal, he was a big part of your life for a long time. dont be stressing about it. even talk to you husband about it or a close friend.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I would think thats very normal? I mean I often think about my ex's when I hear a particular song or go to a particular place..... we have spent alot of quality time with these people and its not easy to just forget about them because we are not with them anymore. Of course you'd love to know what their wedding was like.... its only natural in my opinion, but don't think too much about thinking about him IYKWIM?!?!?!?! You love your husband and are very happy and at the end of the day thats all that matters....... :xox
shiversmoy Posts: 635
I wouldnt think anything bad of it. I was with my ex over 10 years and I still think about him at times. Not in a way where I wish we were back together or anything but he just comes into my head at times.
lillyb Posts: 2
Hi girls, Thanks a mill for all your replies... i feel much better now!! dont feel like a weirdo :o)ll L
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Course your not a weirdo, your a human being who has emotions..... :xxx
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Yeah its completely normal. I think about my ex as well - we were together for 4.5yrs and have adaughter and even though it was a disatrous split with big problems I still might go somewhere and think about something we did there together or a song that we did something funny too (like dance on Howth head to "Dancing In The Moonlight"!!!!!!!!) It is only natural. I even sometimes ask H2B was it me and him that did something or me and the ex because he knows that I have no intention of thinking about him in a "should we get back together sort of way". There was also a guy that I was really good friends with and we had a brief relationship but it just couldnt work - he ended up getting with a girl I dont like and they had a baby within 2wks of me having my 2nd baby and i kep thinking about him and what he would be like as a father because he was always great with my daughter but i didnt want to get back with him or anything
mynameis Posts: 26
Oh this is totally normal!! The same thing happened to me. My ex who I was with for three years got married last year and tbh I kinda found the actual day he got married kinda weird. Like in a 'god if things had of worked out for us that could have been us' way haha - silly thoughts!! It does pass. Actually they have since announced their first pregnancy and tbh that didnt bother me, you just get over them kinda thoughts! I'm gettin married this year and its funny cause I often think would me ex be thinking about me when I do???......somehow I doubt it ! Anyway dont be worrying your head about it!