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healy2b Posts: 85
we have been visiting our church a couple of times and every time we go there is an awful smell of must and lots opf mould on the walls.....anyway there is a church over the road (in a different parish though) that we think is available and jsut wondering if it would be a lot of hassle to change? I assume the hse woudl want to meet us and we would have to ring the priest and cancel the first one but after that is that it? THe invites aren't printied yet so that wouldnt be a problem but how about htepre nuptial enquiry form? Would we have to do a new one do you think? Its less than 3 months to go now at this stage. Need advice ladies....don't want to cancel or upset the first priest and venue if it won't go through smoothly! :-8
fifi09 Posts: 414
Hi there We ended up changing our church very recently and it wasn't as much hassle as I thought it might be. We had all the paperwork done based on our original venue but didn't need to go back to the hse at all. I called them and they informed me that it is simply a matter of the new venue and new priest being filed out on our form on the actual wedding day itself. The most awkward part was going back to the original priest (as it's our current parish) and asking him to complete the release forms to allow us to marry elsewhere but he was lovely and totally understood our situation (we had originally decided to go with our current local parish as thought it would be too much hassle to go with family one but as the time came closer didn't feel right about it and that was our reason for changing). Hope that helps :thnk