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teatimebride Posts: 754
Hi everyone, I am thinking of changing my banking to Ulster Bank, getting a bit annoyed about the incorrect balance reporting that I have experienced lately with BoI, as in it tells me I have €90 in my account so I proceed to withdraw €80, but when I check my account the next day, I am overdrawn by €60, on an account where I have no overdraft facility (FOR A REASON!!!) and they proceed to charge me for going overdrawn. There were no direct debits or anything like that that could have effected the balance, nothing apart from cash withdrawls from BoI ATMs. I see ads on the telly that Ulster Bank text you balance alerts so I think that would be useful for something like this. Does anyone here use UB and have you any feedback about them? Are they lending for mortgages atm does anyone know? Thanks, TTB
Cassie84 Posts: 410
I am with ulster bank, but i only use it to save, and i only opened it to get a visa debit, as i don't have a credit card and only have laser with AIB. i find them good, i never have the problem of being overdrawn, once i use the visa debit card or withdraw, my balance is updated straight away! other than that i can't help!
rianna Posts: 770
Hiya I'm with Ulster Bank since last year, I moved there after Halifax legged it as at the time they were the only other bank with Visa debit which is the best thing since sliced bread if you ask me. I don't have a credit card anymore so I can only spend what I have in the bank! I'm a shopping addict. The text alert thing is dead handy, you can tell them how often to text you. I get mine every friday so I'll know how much shopping I can or can't do over the weekend! The banking online thing is easy enough to use too, and another good point is that they are beginning to open on Saturday's as well which is handy. I'd recommend them anyway, I have had no problems since joining them
stick Posts: 1229
our joint acc is with ulster bank we were also with halifax and moved across last year my personal acc is wit PTSB. would def recommend ulster band. its very easy to use their online service you get a card reader and anything u wanna transfer u put in the card and then your pin too so its save
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
I'm with UB as well for a current a/c and mortgage. I find them great, no problems at all. H2B just opened an a/c with them and is very impressed as well, has been with AIB/BoI and got sick of the bureaucracy. The staff in our local branch are very friendly, even the manager (I'm normally scared of them!) and as someone else said, the online banking is very easy to use and they're open on Saturdays now in some branches
teatimebride Posts: 754
Thanks everyone for your replies!! Will defo switch so!!! I like that fact that they have an iphone app for the online banking too. Now I don't own an iphone, but I might some day!!! After this wedding when I have some money that is!! :wv
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I moved from UB to Halifax then had to move again and went to AIB I would definitely consider going back to UB if only for the Visa Debit card, I had one with Halifax and thought it was great!
ZeldaToo Posts: 553
Just another endorsement for UB :wv.I have been with them for years and never had any problem. Find the internet banking brilliant and also you can earn points on their CC :o)ll. Very easy to move money around and once you have one account set-up the rest can usually be done through the internet.