Third Miscarriage

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divalou Posts: 40
Hi Everyone, I've just had my third miscarriage and we are devastated. I had a mmc in 2012, my dd in 2013 and then another mmc at the end of last year and now another. My hcg wasn't rising at all in this pregnancy so they know before a scan that the baby is gone. I was only about 5 weeks so it's a very early one. I was put on heparin injections and aspirin for this pregnancy but it hasn't worked. Does anybody have any advise or is there anybody in the same boat?
lydiared Posts: 127
Hey there, afraid I don't have any advice for you (I've never been pregnant) but just wanted to say I'm really sorry for your loss and I hope you and your partner are bearing up okay. Take care of each other. xx
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Hi Divalou, Im so sorry to hear of your heartache. I had a MC in November and it's really tough :action31 we're also TTC for #2 I dont know if you've heard of Napro, but they have great success with re-occuring m/cs. They sorted out a lot of issues for me first time round allowing me to get a BFP with my DS. They'll check all your hormone levels etc. It could be something very simple that just needs adjusting. I'd go directly to them and dont waste time with a GP. GPs are not fertility specialists. best of luck and don't loose faithMind yourself and allow your self time to grieve. It doesn't matter how early on it happened.
pink bubbly Posts: 47
HI Divalou So sorry to hear of your loss, I had a MMC xmas a year ago. We have been trying for #2 for 3 years with no success so last year we went to Galway Fertility Clinic to get things checked out. I went through IVF last week so now playing the waiting game.. fingers crossed :babydust: A few things I learnt on my journey about miscarriages hope its of some help. The clinic done a blood clot test to see if I was prone to clots as this could cause you to mc, thats why you were told to take aspirin to thin your blood, but maybe find out for sure if you have this condition. There are any number of reasons for a mc, genetics play a part too but the big thing are hormones so get your bloods done first of all your gp can do this. Some gps specialise in fertility treatment and work along with clinics you should have a look around and see if there is anyone near you. My GP was very sympathetic and was very supportive always interested to know how I was getting on. My Fertility doctor also mentioned once you get pregnant start taking progesterone tablets as if your PG levels are to low or drop again this can cause MC the progesterone will do no harm if taking them but worth a try. Your gp can prescribe this for you. I also done a bit of Acupuncture for a month worth a try no harm to do a course. The good news for you is you can get pregnant so stay positive you can do it.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Hi Divalou So sorry to hear about your losses. I have 2 in a row a couple of years ago so went to a consultant (Dr Ayres) in Dublin for a consult and tests. Nothing came back thankfully and it was put down to bad luck twice in a row. I was put on progesterone and aspirin for the first 12 weeks and our little one is now almost 2. Id highly recommend him if you want to see someone. I agree, that wile GPs are very supportive (mine was great), they really don't know about fertility so you are better going to see specialists.
moodyland Posts: 3
Hi, I am sorry for your losses. In case of multiple mcs I recommend that you make an appointment with yr doc to find out reasons why you can't get pregnant. A friend of mine was in the same boat and it occurred she had chromosomal abnormalities. She has undergone PGS at Gdansk fertility clinic and gave birth to a gorgeous baby.
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Peaches and Cream Posts: 154
Hi Divalou, Ive never had a miscarriage so I cant empathise with you. But sympathies with you. Its devastating after all the work involved. Did your fertility clinic test your auto antibodies? This is one of the biggest contributors to early miscarriage when your body sees the embryo as a foreign invader. Thats called a TPO test. They can also do a ZFB Biopsy which is a womb biopsy to see how receptive your womb is to maintaining a pregnancy. My results were 10 times over the normal. Said if I got pregnant it wouldn't last. So I'm on steroids (Prednisolone daily) and also progesterone injections and gel. So am nearly 8 weeks so far and Ive to stay on the meds for 12 weeks. So am taking it week by week. If you haven't been offered any of the above do ask for more. Usually after a miscarriage they take loads of bloods etc to see can they find a cause. Good luck, Peaches and Cream