This guillotine/cutter any good for making invites?

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maniemoo Posts: 582
We're making our own invites and we need to buy a guillotine or trimmer so we can get a really sharp clean edge on them - don't want them to look badly made (well that's the plan anyway!!) I'm not sure if the slidey type cutter or the lever one would be best so I thought one like this might be good (it's got both): [url:22q1hdpy];jsessionid=00000pX1u-izlMW8F8sIkgHGxdp:11e77q7bo?id=PC100-14&PR=QK5[/url:22q1hdpy] Has anyone used one of these for invites? I know it's only 30 quid but I don't want to buy it only to discover it's rubbish and I'd be better off with a scissors! Thanks. :wv
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
Thats a fancy looking one - I bought one for about 15 euro and it did the job perfectly!! Don't see why it wouldn't work - has to do the job it says!
wrapped up Posts: 109
It looks like a good one. Seems to have all the measurement guides. For that price, you cant go wrong. Might actually get one myself.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have been doing my own 'thank you' cards, I used the ready made blank cards that come with envelopes from Argos, they come in white, ivory or pastel colours (different sizes). Because I am quite good with teh PC I always find myslef doing invitations etc for other people, so I have used the slider before but it was a quite inexpensive one and you coudl just about do one card right, if you tried more, it ended wobly - saying that, if you go to a printing/copy shop they usually have a proper professional cutter there that can do like 30-50 cards at once and will do it for you, save you buying the thing!
maniemoo Posts: 582
Thanks for the replies, I think I'll go ahead and order it. Might even be able to sell it afterwards on eBay or something... We're ordering our paper from Daintree and they do offer a cutting service, but if we get them to cut the paper to size then we won't able to print it on our printer so unfortunately that's not an option!
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
looks good to me maniemoo Ive just ordered one myself, the one I have is cheap and crap! by the way it works out at 42 not 30 with delivery etc.
maniemoo Posts: 582
Cheers Grace Ann, I wasn't sure how much delivery would be. I guess it's kinda heavy so €12 is fair enough. And €42 is still ok methinks.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:768uhrqk]If you're anywhere near Daintree go there and they'll cut them for you!! They did all mine and it was great!![/color:768uhrqk]