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suspicioususer Posts: 5
As a supplier I operate a strict no refund policy on deposits. A bride recently got in contact with me by email telling me that due to a death in the family she was unable to proceed with the booking she had and requested i refund her deposit. I was sceptical of how a death 8 months before a wedding could lead to a cancellation of the big day. I emailed her to give me sympathies and remind her the deposit was non refundable but that she could use it to book any future date with me. She informed me that this was highly unlikely as her fiancee was killed in a car accident............ I was godsmacked. I agreed to refund the deposit once another booking came in for this date. Another booking came in and i went to her personal website to get her contact details to send the deposit to and guess what...... this page diverts to her wedding webpage where i can clearly see that her fiancee has come back to life and the wedding is going ahead on the same day, only this time it is in the uk (where they are based) instead of Ireland. I send the bride an email telling her I was about to refund her and asking to explain this to me or was I seeing things. ..... She proceeded to take down her wedding website and I have heard nothing from her since ( i got the read receipt so she definitely got my email) What do you all think. I think it is shocking and sickening to think someone would stoop that low to get a deposit back.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
chefmaid Posts: 2426
:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek Thats just awful..
2crazy Posts: 1478
that is awful :eek :eek :eek she should have been honest with you
shiversmoy Posts: 635
How could anyone make up such a story..thats terrible >:o(
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
Wow, am gobsmacked! :eek :eek :eek :eek
glowgal Posts: 949
Sounds like she was trying to pull a fast one to get her money back. I would do nothing until you hear back from her and see what her explanation is and if she doesn't bother to email you back then I wouldn't refund her. Pretending someone was in a bad accident, isn't that tempting fate? I would be too scared to ever say something like that for any amount of money.
wannababba Posts: 1161
:eek :eek :eek :eek am gobsmacked!!!!!!!
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Two words for that bride to be: Bad Karma (Long Live Earl!)
rash2405 Posts: 292
god that is shocking, somebody would stoop that low