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moanna Posts: 1081
I am getting married in a couple of weeks a little bit dissapointed with september weather. its gone really winterish with the last few days. any other sept brides worries about weather
MissBid Posts: 587
I'm up in 17 days! I'm worried about the weather cos I'll be freezing - going to invest in a pashmina at the weekend. And maybe a pair of wellies! Don't worry too much, Bali - theres nothing we can do. Just make sure you're stocked up with umbrellas and wooly jumpers!! My brother got married in July a few years ago and it lashed out of the heavens. The following week was a heatwave... good old Irish weather..
BusyLizzie Posts: 251
Check out They do a ten day forecast, i'm up in 10 days and have the heating on beside me here at work!! :o( :o(
HeTheMan Posts: 295
18 days for me and I'm getting a little worried about me and my bm's being cold.
moanna Posts: 1081
for some reason i had us picture sipping wine outside in the hotel garden!!! dont think thats going to happen now!!!
MissBid Posts: 587
Mulled wine maybe!! But I know what you mean - I never thought that the photos could possibly be taken anywhere but outside in the September sunshine... now I have to find an indoor backup plan..
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Just over two weeks to go, I'm not too bothered about the weather as long as it's not storm like!!! One bonus of having rain is that it's less likely people will go wandering away from hotel!!!
shepiena Posts: 188
getting married in october and couldn't give a flying fig about the weather, because I will only see the sun on that day no mater what any one else see's
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Ah thats such a nice thing to say. Thats the attitude to have. Girls you'll have a great day no matter what the weather is like
SushiSnow Posts: 185
I'm feeling a bit down about the weather too. It's just such heavy rain and it's so cold! I really don't remember past Septembers being like this. Maybe it will get better.....