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Google Posts: 105
... next year I will be on my way to the church! I am so excited! :o)ll
Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Hi Google, Ahhh Im the 14th May next year ! Its so exciting isnt it ! Have u much done ??? Ive just booked and put a deposit on Reception. Need to speak to priest this weekend ... Thats it :o)ll Dont no what type of colours for BM's yet or anything, we've loads of time dont we ??? :o0
mandibee Posts: 305
Time will fly by girlies..... Try and get everything done early so you wont be stressin with a few months to go!!! O-O
chipsticks Posts: 283
I'm not getting married until May 2011 & I want to organise everything now hee hee! You have great patience girls !!![/b]
Google Posts: 105
mrspants Posts: 4652
Hi Google, we're date buddies!! :o)ll :o)ll