Those U.P.S. B*stards! RARRRRRRRGH!!!!!

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Just got a call that the order i placed for Victoria secrets, worth just €69 is being held hostage by UPS till i pay customs and duty. Costing nearly €40!!!!! FFS, i'm not being miserable but i wouldn't have f*cking bought a few pairs of knickers and jammies if i'd have known what they'd charge. RARRRGH, rarrrrrgh, rarrrrgh! Hate those shower of revenue shits! Rant over. Sorry for fowl language!
Little Kitty Posts: 914
ah bridey widey that's really shitty alright. I mean it was hardly worth your while ordering if it was going to cost that!! I think they're really trying to clamp down on people ordering outside the EU. I ran a search on customs charges before (can't remember the site) but I remember being shocked at how they calculate it.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Happened to me with that FEDEX shower of pigs!!! My friend sent me a parcel from America with a dress in it for my honeymoon and it never arrived but a letter did asking for €30 for postage and she had paid it her end too....FFS robbers!!!
Sunshine B Posts: 364
Typical isn't it??? [url=] [img:1cyqo3ib];10101;104/st/20070831/e/Wedding/dt/5/k/739e/event.png[/img:1cyqo3ib]
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Oh I feel your pain, I am the queen of paying taxes on US imports. The revenue must all know me by name at this stage. It is so stupid to be honest, if you pay for something with that countries taxes and pay postage why should we have to pay additional taxes again. O:| O:| O:|
curliwurli Posts: 3369
aarggh i just had to pay €56 in a pair of boots - i wouldnt mind but these were in exchange for a pair i sent back last week cos they were too big and i wasnt charged anything the first time!!! :o(