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wifetobe Posts: 1438
Were you surprised? I feel like if they tell me it's a boy I'll be so overwhelmed as I've been convinced all along it was a girl...obviously I've a bit to go but finding out the sex on Sunday and just wondering were any of you right in your predictions, what you 'thought' you saw on scans etc. I just can't wait for it!! We're also having a 3d/4d thing done so will actually see baba's features!!
babs10 Posts: 13
Hi wifetobe, I know a couple of people who found out what they were having. 1: My couisin is due in 2 weeks and had a little girl so they decided to find out about this one and its another girl. they didnt mind either way but are slightly more pleased its a girl coz the one they have is a little angel and they're hoping she'll teach her lil sister all the same hehehe! 2: A friend at work found out she was having a boy nd was delighted. Shes just found out shes pregnant againa nd going to find out too (she really wants a girl this time) so heres hoping! I've never heard of anyone being disappointed either way! We were convinced my mam was having a 2nd boy after my brother but she had a girl and it was more of a surprise because everyone expected a boy because her pregnancy was exactly the same! A friend of mine did say once if she didnt have a girl she'd go mad though...which i dont think is very fair! I think as long as you and baby are healthy it doesnt matter what sex it is! What do you think you are having?
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Oh yeah absolutely I totally agree and should have said that, I will be equally as overjoyed either way, but do have a feeling its a girl! Thats what I mean if they told me its a boy Id be stunned, but in a good way!!!
babs10 Posts: 13
I bet if they told you a girl, even though its what you thought it'll still be a huge surprise!!! Oh its so exciting! Best of luck. I have to say i always wanted a sister and when mam had a boy i was so happy. Then when she had the next one and we were convinced it was a boy we were so delighted with a girl...but i know eitehr way we'd have been so happy coz looking at them now...they're just the best!
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Ah how cute are you. Eventually I would like one of each!! DH wants a girl first so he says, but I guarantee you if on Sunday she says boy, he will be inconsolable, I just know it :lvs
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I didn't find out the gender beforehand as we didn't want to know but I was FULLY convinced it was going to be a boy! When dd was born the midwife said of she's beautiful! It took me a min to realise that she said she and for it to settle in! Was fantastic either way but I was really surprised that I had a girl!
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Congratulations Bride 2b and thanks....what a beautiful name Amy is for your daughter. Well done x
doolittle Posts: 910
I was convinced I was having a girl and DH was convinced it was a he had gone out about 4 weeks before we had our 3d scan and bought the Man U babygro and bodysuit....We had the scan and he was right! Im so glad we found out its a boy cause Ive been able to buy a load of boy clothes in the sale! Just a word of advice, the scans are 95% accurate and I think there is more uncertainty if they think it is a girl as sometimes the willy can be squeezed in by the leg, if its a boy they tend to be more sure. We were so glad we found out cause it all seems so real now and we can refer to th e baby as him and not it! Have fun in our scan and to see the babys face is just magical!
lovelife26 Posts: 134
oh wife to be you are so lucky I am DYING to find out I just cant wait I am convinced I am having a boy dunno why just a feelin! Am just wondering when is the earliest they can tell the sex because all the books say from 16 weeks onwards?can anyone tell me WHEN CAN I FIND OUT! ITs killlin me!!!
justwaitin Posts: 2462
ive found out both times, and im thrilled im having a boy only thing is dp wants to name him after him and im not keen on dps name :o0 . ive picked a couple of bits in the sale today in next for a few euros. its lovely to refer to baby as he, and dps is so excited about having boys, he cant wait to do all the fun things.