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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I saw these in SV yesterday, I had to do a double take because I thought I had read the bottles incorrectly....... [url:3lyoefsx][/url:3lyoefsx] Gross!! How on earth are you meant to use them? If a recipe calls for 3 egg yolks, how would you measure it out!! I honestly thought it was a dodgy lookin' smoothie in a bottle, when I saw it first - and then the egg whites one.......
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I would actually find them very handy for baking. I reckon anyone who bakes a lot would have a good idea of an egg yolk measure. I love homemade custard but using 6 egg yolks puts me off making it too often. I will check them out - hopefully they dont contain a load of other crap! thanks for the heads up
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
I would imagine that would be used for scrambled eggs or an omelette? I would use the egg whites as I am trying to get protein into me (vegetarian) so that the weights I do in the gym can work to the optimum. I also hate the thoughts of bits of shell being in eggs though so I wonder if I'd find any in there?! Bit of a weird phobia of mine.
Fruice Posts: 677
I've bought egg whites in the past, handy for things that require a lot of egg whites and no yolks. You'd easily find the weight of an egg yolk online, I know how much an egg white weighs so would be easy to work it out!
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I don't see what's so shocking about this? I use the Two Chicks egg white the whole time. I'm not gone on egg yolk so therefore make up omelettes and quiches using predominantly egg white. Makes far more sense purchase it this way rather than purchasing half dozen eggs, cracking, separating and then throwing away the yolks. Excellent for meringues also as likewise I'm sure the yolk only mixture would be for many other forms of baking. As for measurement - well there are 15 egg whites used in the Two Chicks carton. If it's 500g per carton and you're required to use 3 eggs then use 100g!! I'm sure the O'Egg brand will also specify how many eggs are used.
bababunting Posts: 141
Great stuff, Ive always wanted to buy egg whites on there own. Im not too gone on the yokes anyway, even on toast :) Big in America for years. Pavlova anyone ?
Fruice Posts: 677
Two Chicks, that's the one I bought. Does nobody use egg yolks for making pastry no? You can freeze that then or keep it for ages, good use of them. Although I did work out then that it's cheaper to buy the particular eggs I buy and dump the yolks than it is to buy the Two Chicks whites. I just can't bring myself to dump them, so use them in dinner or pastry etc.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I think it was the fact that I've never seen, nor heard, of these before was what surprised me about them. They're either €3.49 or €3.79 per bottle, would that be a fair price for them?
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
The Two Chicks is in or around the €3.49 mark also. A little on the steep side alright but there's only way that will change and that's by competitors entering the market so glad to see O'Eggs emerging. You probably would buy 15 eggs for same price and maybe even cheaper but I think I'd just feel too guilty throwing away the yolks. Fruice's suggestion of using them for pastry is a good one but I know I'd just never bake enough to get through them.
Meggi Posts: 383
They would be really handy. Wonder what the best before date is like on them and how soon you have to use them after opening. I would definitely use them for baking. Handy too when making scones and pastry and you need to brush a bit of egg on the top when the receipe itself didn't require an egg. Also, egg brushed over the potato on a shepherds or cumberland pie give it a lovely golden crisp top, but is often a waste of an egg. Hope my local Supervalu stock them.