Thread pulld in chiffon, can it be fixed?

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Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Anyone know if threads that are pulled can be fixed at all? I have a dress, and took it out of the wardrobe to get dry cleaned for a wedding in a few weeks, and realised there are a few fairly noticeable threads pulled in it. I would be keen to get it fixed as i like the dress, is ideal for the time of year of the wedding and I have some other events coming up that i would like to get new outfits for instead. Any help appreciated. :thnk
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
:-) any ideas?
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
It can't be fixed as such but sometimes if you ( with clean hands !) roll the fabric between your fingers along the line of the pulled threads the fibres sort of nudge together and the 'line' from the pulled thread is less noticeable . Dresses always look better after a press with a steam iron through s pillow case , after you 'massage' the pull out of the fabric . If there is a loop of thread visible try to push or pull it through to the back with a sewing needle .
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Thanks. Will give it a go and see