Three weeks to go, what am i ment to be doing?

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martsey Posts: 144
Well ladies, as it says on the tin, what am I actually ment to be doing at this stage? It's three weeks today and I've a day off. I'm sure I should be doing something constructive instead of listening to Ray Foley!
chaos Posts: 1904
hi casey, im 3 weeks too :o)ll :o)ll today i emailed photographer to confirm times etc confirmed car, having dress fitting & makeup trial tomorrow. finishing my ferrero rocher trees tomorrow too. booked church for rehersal have you started to ring your suppliers to start confirming things.
martsey Posts: 144
Hey chaos, where are you getting married? Getting exciting now eh! Can't concentrate at work at all :-8 I've been in recent contact with the video guy. Photographer is a friend but will ring just to confirm times etc. I just know next week when i'm under pressure I'll look back on today and kick myself! Ah well, everyone nexts a day to chillax
chaos Posts: 1904
hi, im in limerick, what about yourself? i wrote out everything yesterday and just started from that. asked h2b to do 2 things and all i get is "chill" O:| O:| so just going to do it myself, at this rate i'll be marrying myself :o0
martsey Posts: 144
Up until h2b was the very same. I'm not sure if it has all just hit him but he wants me to do a detailed list with a "timeline". Yes he used that phrase :o0 I have a rough list and I'll just go from there. I'm living in Dublin but getting married in the southeast so between work and everything it's busy! Don't know what I'd do without my mam and sisters!
mrscurly09 Posts: 93
Hey girls, 3 wks tomorrow, just finalised me evenings (i know its late enough but I made them all) so sent them out this evening, rang videographer confirmed times etc, rang photographer also confirmed times, confirmed times with transport, men going to try on suits tomorrow, also going to pick up rings n drop off my engagement ring to be engraved - had hair trials done having another one next wed, having make up trial tomorrow also, started on the mass booklets going to see lady doing church songs! ooh I'm worn out already!!! Good luck to all you june brides!! :thnk :thnk