Thrilled isnt da word h2b the best ever!

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Judy Posts: 612
Ok please dont think I am a material girl, but I just had to share my good weekend with my virtual pals. Things have been quite tough lately with the wedding very close, the new house been built and h2b waiting on people to pay him for jobs Ol , and see my other post honeymoon hell and things going wrong. This weekend h2b got paid for all jobs and we could finally count our wedding fees, besides that he bought me a gorgeous new motorola V3 yesterday and a 02 Audi A4 today, hes sooo sweet and I really do appreciate him and to think in less than 2 weeks he'l be my hubby. Girls im on top of the world!!!
dixiechick Posts: 160
Your H2b is a sweetie!! You deserve that after the carryon with your honeymoon! Enjoy your Audi! My h2b has one too and they're the biz!!
december Posts: 1141
Judy - hang onto him - you've got a good one there!!!!! Nice to have a bit of good news when everything is so stressful!
2557 Posts: 885
ah, congrats Judy. that's lovely of him.
ABILA Posts: 133
My good angel O:o) tells me I should congratulate you and tell you to enjoy your new phone, car, fab hubbie etc....... But my bad angel :twisted: ......well he wants me to tell you that it's completely unfair that you have a new car, fone etc and that I should have them too!!!! Grand, have it off my chest now. :-8 Seriously, congratulations. I have read your honeymoon post this morning and god knows ye could both do with some good luck :wink:
pollie Posts: 187
Lucky you. Does he have a brother!!! Seriously thats great. Love A4's so I'm a tiny bit jealous :)