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23leanne Posts: 761
A couple of weeks ago I went to my midwife to tell her I thought I might be leaking. I am now 24+5. I didn't know if it was urine or fluid but she sent me up to hospital to get checked. They did the exam and took a swab and said it was neg for fluid. Anyway over the next few days my bits started to get very irritated and when in looked down there, there was a white discharge around them and it was all very wet looking! (Sorry) anyway I went to the dr a few days later and she said I have thrush. She gave me clotrimazolne cream and it did seem to improve a little. I stupidly only used it for a week instead of the two weeks it said on tube. Don't know how I would have got 2 weeks out of it anyway. These past 2 days I am feeling very wet and irritated again. I am using canestan cream now to see if it will help and will use it for the correct time now. What I'm wondering about is how wet I am feeling. At times that area feels soaking! My underwear does get wet but you can see the cream/discharge on it and there doesn't seem to be a smell of urine of them. I was afraid I may be leaking urine and this was actually causing the irritation & the thrush. Has anyone experienced such a wet feeling with thrush. I never had it before so am really unsure? Thanks
mamime Posts: 791
Maybe you're right and its urine as baby is getting heavy and putting pressure on your bladder. It could also be the normal discharge leucorrhoea thats making you feel wet. You get more of it in pregnancy. Its white too. Try using liners to stop your skin getting irritated from the wet down there and if its irritating and itchy maybe go back to the doctor. There is an internal tablet for thrush that you can put up there during pregnancy and it will clear everything up if the canesten cream isnt working. Hope that helps.
23leanne Posts: 761
Thanks for the reply. Have really tried keeping that area dry but it's constantly wet. If I touch it, it's really wet. I even took the hair dryer to it this morning as someone had recommended this! I know some sites have said about thrush having watery discharge but I never really thought it was like this. Don't know how I can put up with this for another 13/14 weeks!!!!
ClairebearO Posts: 80
I haven't been pregnant before, but I did used to suffer badly with thrush. I just want to reassure you that once I had it so badly, that between putting on fresh pants and a liner and then going to the nurse's appt (maybe 30 mins), I had soaked everything. I was mortified but the nurse was obviously fine with it and took a swab - despite my discharge just being everywhere! I was given a course of antibiotics I think. Hang in there and go back to the nurse/gp if things don't improve.
23leanne Posts: 761
Thanks for replying. That sounds a bit like me! My bits are red and hot feeling but they're not itchy. I can put up with this but it's the feeling of being so wet all the time. I keep smelling it in case it's urine but it doesn't seem to smell of it. Just wondering how the irritated bits are to heal if the area is constantly wet? I'm having to wear liners at times & this isn't going to help either. I'm using canestan cream which seems to melt into the wetness more!
esla2016 Posts: 214
The wetness is normal enough but you are right, the whole area aggravates more with it. I strongly recommend trying the OTC pessary, if you can use that while pregnant (should be ok, it's the same drug as the cream). there's also a tablet but think that is not pregnancy approved. The cream will only treat the outside (the hot and red) you really need to get in there and treat the source, if possible. The doc can give other options if canestan doesn't work but would try that first - the 3 day dose is better than the once off, I found. Also try to cut out sugar for a month, it really does help.
mamime Posts: 791
Maybe you should go back to the doc for a swab test. Maybe its a bacterial infection in which case you would want that cleared up being pregnant.. Other tips would be, don't wear tight clothes and don't use any fabric softeners on underwear.
23leanne Posts: 761
Thanks for the advice. I am not using anything perfumed in the shower, drink up to 2 litres of water daily, only wear cotton underwear & sleep without any underwear on.Have just hot washed my clothes but did use fabric conditioner so will redo later. I have also ordered probiotic called optibac. I have been craving sweet things in the last 2 weeks. Things like chewits & millions& fresh cream cakes. Thought this was just preg cravings but perhaps it is the yeast/thrush craving! I will mention it to midwife on Thur when have an apptment and maybe make an appt with dr again. I did think of bact vag but there is no strange colour or bad smell so thought it prob wasn't that. Dr did see me 2 weeks ago and just had a quick look. Said pretty much straight away it was thrush. My urine tested postitive for nitrates but was clear when tested in lab. Said this was prob the thrush it as coming into contact with on way into specimen tube! Most of what I read online talked just about the white thick discharge & v few mentioned being watery and wet so it is a relief to know that thrush can be like this.