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junecat Posts: 100
Hi girls A quick question. I am 8 weeks and am unfortunately suffering from a mild case of thrush. I dont normally suffer but apparently it is due to hormones etc. Any experiences/advice? Thanks
Wannabe Posts: 181
Hi June cat - I have just discovered (this morning !!) that i am pregnant. Think im about 5 weeks, but i have been suffering from thrush for the last week. So i think its common in early pregnacny. I just went to my local chemist and got the cantenese cream, it still hasnt cleared, when i go to my doc to get pregnancy confirmed i will see can he subscride anything else. Its horrible thing isnt it :o(
jill80 Posts: 565
My GP said I was fine to take acidophilus throughout the pregnancy. They are the capsules with good bacteria - might help you stop getting recurring thrush. bUt just check with your own GP! HTH