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black pearl Posts: 3513
Hi girls can anyone help get rid of this? Posted in o/t too,had infection inside in womb after c section 5mths ago,cleared ok but 7weeks later had awful thrush,needed egg like pessecary plus meds and daktacort,it cleared but in the past ten weeks I had it three times,nothing is working I have tried it all,my head is fried with it.its costing me loads on the pessecary,canestan stings too as im allergic to something in it.any suggestions?
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm far from an expert, but I have found cutting out sugar and yeasty foods to help (breads white pasta, beer etc). Go knicker less when possible :-8 Have you tried a probiotic? Udos are a great brand. Or if you google kefir milk you can see how to make your own probiotic. McDonells (sp) natural yogurt is supposed to be the best 'live' yogurt. I'm guessing you've already been told that your OH needs to be treated too to prevent you passing it forwards and back. Best of luck.
black pearl Posts: 3513
Thks tilsun I have the udos,must try to cut or at least limit bread and pasta I wud have a lot of those,beer not so much anymore with two smallies I don't get the chance x
mscarebear Posts: 317
Also avoid fungi as in mushrooms and tomatoes.