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lolli Posts: 47
happy08mrs Posts: 624
hi there - we are getting married on 26th of June 08 and are also on a thursday - one of our main reasons for this was that people would make a long weekend out of it and so we are having a second day on the friday and all our closest friends and family will be able to make it as they booked the two days off work - i wouldnt worry too much about it - weddings are expensive enough without paying for people who are not there
Aurge Posts: 1456
Im getting married on the 09th October 08, Thursday. They had weekends available but like laughaun we wanted people to make a weekend of it. Those who have the fri off aswell can still have their weekend off. Also for some reason I wanted to go on honeymoon on a sat or sun and yet didnt wanna be jetting off the next day so thats why we went with Thurs. Im still glad I did. Honeymoon is now booked for the sat and I cant wait :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
Laughaun, we are also getting married on 26th June this year! We picked the day as it was available in Lough Erne, we only started to arrange things at the end of January this year.. we were originally going to get married abroad but changed plans. Everyone is fine with the day, its getting very close!
happy08mrs Posts: 624
hey barbadosbride - i finally found my wedding twin - thought i had none out there-how is your planning going -
garran9 Posts: 4401
I'm Thursday, July 10th this year! We went for the Thursday coz it was the only available date in Summer 08 :wv
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
Not too bad....but a bit awkward as we are living in Dublin and getting married in Enniskillen. Considering we only gave ourselves 5 months to organise the whole thing, we are pretty much on track. Just have to decide on the flowers, finalise the meal, decide on songs and readings for the ceremony. My main headache at the moment is my hair belive it or it curled the other day and hated it so now I have no idea what I will do with it. How are things going for you?
happy08mrs Posts: 624
not too bad now thank god - have the invites almost done just have to do the wax seal - everything else pretty much organised at this stage thank god - its always the things that you least expect to give trouble that do - i am sure you will work out the hair - maybe look up some sites and see if you see anything else you like - hope it works out
bubbles09 Posts: 327
getting married on thursday jan 1st .... picked it cos we're on our christmas hols, and so are most of our friends!!! are ye finding supplier prices to be any cheaper getting married on thursday??? we're not, but more to do with our date ...
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
We are Thursday 30th July 2009 - also wanted the long weekend and only having approx. 80 guests. The venue we wanted had minimum numbers of 120 for Friday and Saturday weddings. We're not getting any discount for mid-week though which is a pity. Liz.