Tie colours - matching bridesmaids?

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Hi, I'm thinking of giving the groomsmen a gold/ivory tie as I don't really like the idea of being too matchy with bridesmaids. Groom could then wear the same tie or a colour. Any opinion?!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Our bridesmaids are coral so I didn't want the men looking like pansies with same colour so they are wearing silver and the groom wearing ivory.
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Ours are matching but it's not something I'm too pushed about. The shop we are renting have the colour of the bms dresses so decided to go for it. If they didn't have it I wouldn't have gone looking to match them somewhere else.
flor Posts: 1621
i will prob do something like what fishermansbride has described i.e. silver tie for groomsmen & ivory for the groom... the BM dresses are purple & i've ordered extra fabric in case we need it but TBH i'm not a mad fan of the matchy matchy idea either... will probl just have purple in the boutonniere for the groomsmen to tie in with the BMs...
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Hate matchy, matchy - thats just my opinion. Tying it all together with button holes on the guys rather than ties or waistcoats....
sunchild Posts: 86
Matchy matchy can look really tacky! It does depend on the colour thought! Like if it was cerise pink I wouldn't be so sure! We are planning on getting a colour that is a tonal match but not exact match! My bm's are in blue so it's easy to work with! That's my two cents worth :wv
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm not keen on matchy matchy with the ties myself, but I think in the case of greens and blues it can look nice enough. I'm having black bms dresses with chunky red jewellery and then the grooms men are wearing black trs, black shirts and red ties. So it's a little matching but not too sickly. Again, just my opinion.
bettyboo1 Posts: 50
Hi Girls: I am having fushia bridesmaids, my dress is ivory & Im putting ivory on the groom and the Dads. What should I put on the groomsman, The fushia cravat that they have in shop isn't the exact same as bridesmaids, but does it matter?? I have picked a pinstripe ivory waist coat for all men, so silver cravat isn't going to work if I dont go with fushia. Any advice or ideas?? O:|
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
I think we are just going to have everyone in the ivory colour including the groom. My bridesmaids are blue and they did have a blue tie but just think the ivory is more classic. The guy in the shop was saying everyone does different things and you could just put say blue buttonholes on groomsmen and different one on groom. Still have to decide 100%. Has anyone been at weddings where they would all be the same?