tightness around tummy/sides

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
Is this how a bump starts? My DH thinks he can detect a small bump really low down, when he looks at me side on. You should have seen the two of us last night. I was sucking in my tummy going 'can you see it now' and he said 'no but your bum is sticking out now' :o0 . i have a bit of a bump higher up but that's just bloating I think. For the past couple of days I have a real tightness down low and sort of out to the sides- not painful but just as if everything is filling out? Could this be the start of it at 15 weeks?? :o)ll
rushinbride Posts: 1097
if you were lying down in bed can you feel it?? like between your bikini line and your belly button... The reason you have a bit of a bump higher up is cause the womb is shoving your organs up...so it will kinda look like thats where your bump is... I'm 15 wks too Sunny, and I've been showing since without a doubt 12wks...people said it the day after my wedding...people keep saying if its not twins your dates are very wrong! I'm huge genuinely I literally am...I've started saying I'm nearly into my 5th mth...cos i'll be 16 wks on saturday and i'm trying to make people think i am further on cause i don't like being looked at as a freak... i was also enormous with my son, but this is well different...like freak of nature different!! :o0
rushinbride Posts: 1097
sorry i didn't even answer your question...yea i'd say that tightness you feel is your skin stretching - hence your bump forming!!
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I'm looking forward to it now either way- must check when I'm lying down what I can see/feel. My DH thinks it's the cutest thing- don't want to burst his bubble by telling him it could just be my stomach and other organs pushed up :o0 thanks Rushin Bride-I'm sure you look great!
rushinbride Posts: 1097
you know a bump is the nicest fat thing you'll ever touch... :o0 i wish i had a proper bump and wasn't just hugely bloated...but still when i lie down i can feel the uterus...dh can't feel it yet but i can feel the hardness iykwim...even felt flutters last wk...so really looking forward to the first decent kick... I don't care how many kids you have I don't think you'd ever tire of feeling your baby inside you...its just so amazing... oh god better just hit submit cos the auld hormones are beginging to spill...
sinion Posts: 6050
:o0 at Rushinbride it's so true, i'm getting loads of little taps while i'm writing this ('yes hello, I'm talking about you!' :lvs ) and I just adore every one of them. Hubby is loving feeling them too as it's finally made it properly real for him. He talks to my bump all the time :lvs oh and back to your question, yes the tightening is the bump starting! I started to go out from the top first, just under my bra line, but as Rushin said that's all your organs being pushed up. Again as Rushin said (fountain of knowledge that she is) when you lie down and push in around the area just above your pubic bone you should start to feel hard, like when you tense your muscles. That's the uterus beginning to rise up out of your pelvis. Very exciting! I've just started looking properly pregnant in the last few weeks, had a bump for ages but now it's at the stage where there's no mistaking. I do notice people looking at my bump, just waiting now for my first stranger to ask when I'm due! :o0