Tightning across tummy at 22 weeks

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blathanna Posts: 116
Hi girls anyone experience tightning this early.. 22 weeks. Its my 2nd baby didnt have this first time around.. :babydust:
mamime Posts: 791
Hi, I am 19weeks, on my 3rd and i notice a lot more pulling and aches and pains a lot sooner this time around for sure. I have round ligament pain which can feel like tightening low down in my pelvis. Is yours low? Or all over your tummy? I can't remember exact dates on my 2nd but i felt the braxton hicks contractions really early on so it was likely i was getting tightening around the half way mark alright. I think its coz you have a little one running around and are doing more so its harder to take it easy when you should. Try to sit down when you feel the tightening if you can and put your feet up even for 5mins and drink some water. If its a constant thing i'd talk to the doc.