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Sin16 Posts: 236
Has anyone got married in November? What time did was your mass in the church? We have to decide now and I have never been to a wedding then.
MikeBurke - Photographer Posts: 43
Hi Sin16, From a photographers point of view my advice would be to have the ceremony as early as possible - 12:00 noon if possible. In November if you have a great weather (unlikely) it will start getting dark at about 4:30. So if you have your wedding at, say, 2:00 you will likely be arriving at the venue at about 3:45 - 4:00. This will leave very little time for photographs. If the weather is less that great then you are likely to be restricted to have your photographs done indoors. And God does light much better than probably all photographers! I realise that your photographer will have a lot of his candid photographs taken outside the church but it is at the venue that the natural/enjoyment shots are to be had. If these are taken indoors there will be less of them as guests tend to be on edge once they see the flash going off. I hope this helps. Mike Burke - Photographer http://www.weddingsonline.ie/suppliers/ ... otographer http://www.mbp.ie
Sin16 Posts: 236
Thank you so much for your reply. Our reception is in Tulfarris and we want to try to make the most of the surroundings. We had been thinking 1 or half 1 but definitely changing that now.
melfort Posts: 43
We are also getting married in November and we are currently thinking 1pm for the mass. Our church is only a 5 min drive to the venue so that cuts down travel time to and from the hotel for the bridal party (we are staying at the venue the night before). Hopefully the mass will start at 1.15 so we should have plenty of times for photographs. How far is your venue from the church?
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
As Mike has said 12 is a good time and that's all due to light! There are other benefits too like you will have more time to mingle with your guests once the photos are done and you won't have to worry about light. 12, 12.30 or 1pm are all perfect for that time of year! Hope all the planning is going well.
mugsey Posts: 47
We are getting married in later October and having our ceremony at 12.30 :D x
Sin16 Posts: 236
Our church is only 10 minutes from the hotel and think if we have it too early people will be starving. At the moment we are not having canap├ęs as they are just too expensive. Thinking 12.45