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Ficidy Posts: 1753
Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye... Getting married on Saturday, but heading to Wicklow tomorrow to start preparations. No internet there so won't be on wol for a while. Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of ye who have helped me out soooooo much over the last year and a bit. I am not exaggerating when I say that I couldn't have planned a lot of this wedding without ye. I'll do a report up after the wedding, but until then, goodbye!! :wv Oh, please keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for us for a sunny day on Saturday.
dibbles Posts: 749
good luck hun.. enjoy every minute
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
Best of Luck on Saturday and for the future, hope you both have a FAB day. H2B's brither's getting married on Saturday, bring on the Sunshine :thnk
Love hearts Posts: 289
Good luck. hope the sun comes out for you!!!!
B2B09 Posts: 203
Oh best of luck to you! I will say a little prayer for fine wedding weather. I hope that you have the most amazing day of your life. Relax and enjoy every minute... you've done all the hard work, now comes the reward!!! Very best wishes, B2B09.
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Best of luck and I will have everything crossed for you so you hopefully get nice weather :wv :wv :wv :wv
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Best of luck Ficidy, will be thinking of you xx
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Oooooh Ficidy best of luck. I'm sure it will be the happiest day of your life and that the weather will shine for the day! enjoy every minute of it and I can't wait to read your report. :wv
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
Good Luck, hope you have a fabulous day on saturday *)
ela28 Posts: 2552
the best of luck and a big congrats to both of yous,have a fantastic day I hope it's the happiest day of your lives so far,enjoy your honeymoon also,you will be glad to know it's to be a fab day on saturday :o)ll :o)ll wishing yous the very best of luck with everything for the future,can't wait for the report O-O