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highflyer Posts: 198
just wondering girls what time are you getting married?? I was thinking 2pm but is this quiet late?? whats the norm?
Pheebs Posts: 1102
Our wedding is at 1pm. But we have a 50minute drive to the reception venue from the church.
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Our wedding is at 2pm we're quite close to the reception venue so if we had the mass any earlier we'd be sitting down to dinner a bit too early!!! :wv
highflyer Posts: 198
likewise imgb, church is very close to reception (walking distance) so will prob go for 2.
Topgear Posts: 1559
getting married at 3.00pm. reception is not till 6,00pm
noddins Posts: 130
It might depend on the time of year, to allow for enough sunlight after the ceremony for photos, so if it's a winter wedding you might want to go a bit earlier..........
aoifem79 Posts: 475
We are 1.30. Personally I think anytime bet 1-2 is perfect-plenty time for bride get ready n guest as well. Any wedding I have been at earlier I have been rushing all day whereas H2B gets up has shower n puts on a shirt tie n suit. how different is it for men.
Das Kitty Posts: 452
If the wedding is at 2, I'm guessing the meal is at 5-5.30, what time do the band start?
highflyer Posts: 198
well i was planning for the meal to be about 4/4.30 and band to start around 7.
londongirl Posts: 249
We are 1pm. I'm so excited I want the day to start as soon as possible!