Time off for colposcopy?

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MrsH! Posts: 201
Shorti3 Posts: 404
you have a personal hospital visit to attend to once you give reasonable time i.e. 2 weeks Im off on the 11th of Febr for a hospital app for my DS and had no issues, i also get paid for that day to. hope this helps :wv
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
[color=indigo:1y6700oi]I has to travel a couple of hours up and back too...I took the full day off and I told work I has a hospital appointment and left it at that...I wasn't filling them in on my personal business... Best of Luck :wv [/color:1y6700oi]
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
You don't have to tell them what the appointment is for, just tell them that you have a hospital appointment and you won't be in for the full day. Don't bother going back to work, because to be honest, even though it's not a big procedure, I was wrecked after it (think it was the nerves before hand that had me all worked up) and then you do bleed a bit afterwards as well so you need to rest for a few hours afterwards.
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
i had that treatment about three years ago. its done under local anaesthic so you will not be up to going back to work after the treatment, you willbe wanting your bed. so you should take that day off and possibly te next as its a late procedure you could still be a little tired and weak. a doctor will write you a note for this. i hope your are not too worried about it as loads of women have to get this done. pm if you need to
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
When I have hospital appointments I have to request a letter from the hospital confirming my appointment (work won't accept my appointment card O:| >:o( ) Like you, I do need to take a full day off (it's once every 6 months) I work in Dublin, hospital is in not. My manager even had the neck to say to me ''Would you not change to a hospital in Dublin'' -Eh get the boat, why the hell should I ? You do not have to explain why you are going to the hospital - a letter that confirms you are attending should be more than adequate. Hope that your appointment goes ok for you :thnk
Carlow09 Posts: 234
If you don't want to tell them what the procedure is, then just tell them you have a hospital refferal for a personal matter and will supply them with cert from the hospital to explain abscence from work. If they persist for explanation (doubt they would) then perhaps say you would be comfortable telling a female member of managment as it is quite personal. I had a coloscopy a few years ago and to be honest you will be very drousy after so make sure you have someone to bring you home and also that you request your cert in advance of procedure i.e. when you arrive that morning as if drowsy could forget after ! I went into work the day after and was sent home as really wasn't with it for about 24 hrs. Procedure is no probs, its more the drowsiness after. As someone else said you will just want your bed and to snuggle up afterwards. Hope it goes ok chick, good luck.
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
HR have no right to ask you what you are taking the day off at all O:| O:| O:| its personal information. we get this rubbish in our place too. I would just tell them that you have an appointment and wont be in for the day and get a letter from your gp to cover your few days off.. ;o( ;o( I hate when you job think that the are allow to know everything about you >:o) >:o) >:o)
MrsH! Posts: 201
not too girly Posts: 400
[quote="MrsH!":1s9az1sm] Wil jsut tell my own manager I have an appointment and leave it with him if he wants me to fill out the form or not (I'm sure they will come to him for it but I won't be filling in the "describe bature of illness" bit !!![/quote:1s9az1sm] If they do get you to fill in the form put in "personal" under nature of illness... but then, if you are taking a day off could you not use a holiday for it instead and then no questions would be asked?