Time off work for antenatal classes?

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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
I know you are entitled time off work for hospital and GP appointments, but are you also allowed time off for antenatal classes or are these at your own expense, ie holidays etc?
marriedLife Posts: 1881
As far as I know you are allowed time off for them!
apple drop Posts: 331
Hi Princess Tinkerbelle You are definately allowed time off work for any GP, Hosp or anti-natal classes. By law you have to give your employer 2 weeks notice of each appt, unless of course it is an emergency appt. Most work places will take your word as to when you have appts, but some may want proof. The hosp/GP will give you an appt card so you can show your employer if needed. Hope this helps
mtv Posts: 935
you are allowed time off for your first set of antenatal classes for your first baby.