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happycontent2016 Posts: 464
Well finally joined the gym today, myself and h2b! been trying to excerise by walking and going to classes here and there and just getting nowhere. so having an assesment done during week, i'll have a list of what i want, the tonest arms in the planet!! :o0 flat belly, and ass and hips slimmed down. I'm not asking for too much really :o0 :o0
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
everything i want but well get ther slowly but surly thats the best way just dont give up at least your h2b doin it wit you :wv good luck wit it but your def not alone
Layla20 Posts: 1089
was in FSILs house earlier and her 4 yr old daughter looked at me as i took off my coat and said "you got big" thats the motivation i need. I'm starting tomorrow :o0
glassofwineforthelady Posts: 153
I feel your pain Dilly, my 3 year old niece looked at me lately and told me "you're so fat you look like you're pregnant"... :eek I moved into the gym the following day... :o(
Rockys Lover Posts: 194
my 4 year old niece to be poked me in the belly on Saturday and asked if I had a baby in there :o( and I thought I was looking alright cos I'd been soooo good all week! hitting the roads tonight (oh and just remembered I shared a bowl of chips at lunch -absolutely NO willpower!)
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
girls I just cant do anymore...was being really good over the last couple of weeks walking 3/4 of my lunch hour eating salads and nothing else basically and then walking for an hour and a half in the evenings aswell and im gone up 3lb am soo blooody mad so had chinese last nite, and just stuffed my face at lunchtime i mean what the hell more can i do,,,and i know its not muscle or anything like that cos it couldnt build up that quickly atall