Timetable/schedule to prepare for a wedding

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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi there, Could anyone recommend where I could get a realistic 'countdown' timetable to a wedding day, i.e. when to book the hotel, when to ask bridesmaids, when to buy the dress, etc? The detailed list of things to do on this section of the discussion forum is great (very scary, though!), but I'm just wondering is there a thread that gives a suggested rundown of when to do all these things? Or any good articles in magazines on this subject? Thanks ladies!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
I'm not sure if there is a list but for me the key is if you know what you want secure it as soon as possible. Most suppliers will take bookings well I'm advance and if you know what it is you want book it so you don't run the risk of them being unavailable. I would focus on venue, church, band, photographer and videographer first and then get working on other things like dress shopping.