Timing & Stress: Morning of Wedding?

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doodini Posts: 159
Hey all, What's the best sequence of events for the morning of your wedding. What does a bride need to do: - eat - hair - make up - get dressed - a few snaps I mean that's it, isn't it? Friends talk of the chaos and stress in the hours up to the wedding, to be fair mostly caused by other people like mums/BMs getting hair/make up done and causing delays. I'm determined to avoid being stressed. Any tips? What else do I need to think of? Any experienced brides any tips. Also what's the best sequence, hair first, then make up, then dress I reckon? Allow an hour for hair and a half hour for make up? What do y'all think? D
mrsoriordan Posts: 846
doesn't sound much but i'm sure it will fly for us all on the day. does anyone know what order to do things in? hair or make up first that kinda thing?
nelswife Posts: 3869
getting my hair done at 8.00 so wont eat before then, will have something to eat when i get back from hairdressers before i get my make up done..don;'t think i would last until dinner time otherwise!!...after make up dress., snaps, get into car and off to church....
donegaljam Posts: 172
When I am BM for my friend it was: Hair, eat, make up, dress, touch ups (if needed), photos, then off to the church, oh and some champagne in between all that!
JDD Posts: 1316
I think the key is to have as little people as possible in the house/hotel room on the morning of the wedding. Our videographer asked me did I want him to come to the room to film me getting ready, and I was like "Well, I really don't want to add another person to the four bridesmaids, flower girl, my mother, the photographer, a hairdresser and a make up artist." He laughed and said "fair enough". I was bridesmaid for a friend of mine, and the morning went wonderfully smoothly until people started calling in to the house. Her brother, SIL and their two kids were there, along with her uncle who was to drive her to the church, one of her other friends and her husband and their child, three bridesmaids, a photographer, a make up artist and her parents. As you can imagine it changed from nice and relaxed to absolute bedlam. She hadn't dropped her suitcase to the hotel the night before, so the car had to be packed with her hotel suitcase, her honeymoon suitcase, the buttonholes for the boys, her make up bag, and making sure her veil didn't come off and we all had our own suitcases and bouquets and coats etc etc. Difficult to get together when you keep tripping over three year olds scrapping on the floor. Personally, I'm going try and ensure a minimum amount of people in the hotel room on the morning of the wedding. I'll get everyone to get dressed in their own room and only call up to mine when they need their make up & hair done. I might even put a nicely worded sign on the door stating that I really appreciate the good luck wishes but they should enter the room at the peril unless the marquee has burnt down or my H2B has gotten cold feet.
2012please Posts: 98
my plan is hair eat (while someone else is getting make up done - there will be 4/5 of us incl mum) My make up last Dress photos LEAVE!!! :eek I am concerned about panic and mayhem in the house, christmas morning in our house is manic even though there's only five of us so god only knows what its going to like with a wedding in the house and then throwing a few extra people in like bridesmaids, hair and make up people! [b:ppr2cu8o]NOW[/b:ppr2cu8o] I'm nervous!!!!
mince Posts: 72
On the morning nof my wedding we had brekkie round 830. Hair dressers x2 and make up artist arrived around 9 and started straight away. There was 2 bridesmaid, mymother, mycousin and myself and were all done and hairdressers and make artist gone around 11. My father, brother and aunt were in the house milling around. A neighbour or 2 called in for a flying visit to wish us luck and thew florist came to visit to see how we were doing and to deliver the bouquets and button holes (Shes a neighbour). We sat and chatted until round 1145, the photographer rang to say he was nearly there and for everyone to get ready except me (he wanted to take pics of dress). He arrived and so did the videographer round 12ish. Loads of pics, laughter and messing. Ceremony started round 115. it was a brillant morning, everyone was very relaxed. I just sat around for most of the morning because the girls did my hair and makeup last so I just watched the others being made beautiful. I would have to recommend: Ritzys Salon, Tullamore - AnnMarie & Diane - They gave us beautiful do's, that stayed perfectly all day. The girsl could have gotten 3 days out of their do, but they felt they better take it down because we had a bit of a get together on sunday!! Bijou Beauty Salon, Ballinasloe - Amanda Glynn - she knew exactly what I wanted without any direction. Make up perfect all day, only thing that needed to be touched up was the lippy. David Knight Photography -Cootehall, Roscommon - Expert photographer. Made us all feel at ease, no stiff photos we were all allowed to laugh and enjoy ourselves. He made us laugh and nearly cry with laughter through out the day. Film Company of Ireland, Thady Kavanagh, Dublin - exceptional videographer. we barely knew he was in the house or at the wedding for that matter. Video is unbelievable. Not in your face, and brillant angles for shots, to make them individual to our wedding. We had a 3min video that we could bluetoooth around, after the dinner and another one the week after the wedding. Video is unbelieveable.
doodini Posts: 159
It sounds so simple doesn't it... relatively little to do... but just huge potential for stress! Our house Christmas morning is manic as well, lots of panic and scrapping! Hmmmm... need to plan this well. Y'all getting nails done day before? One friend advises on getting your BMs/Mums hair and make up done separately... like send them off to a hair dresser while you have someone come to you. I like the sounds of that!! Good point on the packing up, we will need to be packed up and ready to go too. Blimey! Here's hoping we all have a chilled out morning on the big day!
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
god i was thinking we have loads of time cause wedding is at 2 - now i'm not so sure cause i was planning on travelling to the hairdresses who is 30 minutes drive away and then my hotel is another 40 minutes if i travel home first!! but would save 30 minutes if i was to travel straight to hotel on my todd- but i'd be on my lonesome - sounds sad!!! :o( was planning on my bms getting hair done in another salon as my usual salon only has one hairdresser - does it normally take more than 1 hairdresser to do 5 heads in a reasonable time? my mum who's one of the heads would probably only need a blow dry!! We're having david knight too - he's lovely! great to hear such good feedback
mince Posts: 72
I know everyone is worried about the morning, if you have all your bits and pieces preped the night before. We had 2 hairdressers because they had to travel an hour to come to my house, so it was easier for 2 of them to come and get back earlier, as it was a friday morning. I think normally 1 of them would come and started at 8. There isnt a whole lot to do on the morning. Get hair and make up done. Have breakfast and get dressed. There is no point on getting all stressed and running around becuase of artifical panic. You have to enjoy YOUR day, what ever happens, happens. as long as you get to the church / or where ever and the love of your life is waiting for you, the rest is only accessories. Fairy Bride - you are going to have so much fun with David Knight. he really put us all at ease and genuinely looked like he was enjoying himself. He worked very quickly and took loads and loads of photos. Our Photos are Amazing!! We went to pick our album and look at our photos and Jenny advised us to plan 2 - 2 1/2 hours for the visit...... nealry 4 and 1/2 hours later we left!!!!!!!! it was excellent. I cant wait for our album.